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Under ground water storage tanks:  Underground water tank (for storage of water) well, hand-pump, boring etc. should be built in north-east direction only. Height of these water bodies should never be above the plinth level of the main building.  While making an under ground water storage tank, small swimming pool, bore well etc. in north-east, just take a precautions that it should not lie on the imaginary diagonal line joining north-east to south west. This is a very sensitive point to be considered.  The underground water reservoir, tank, bore well, well or a pond should be in north, east or north-east. A well or any other pit in the south-east or north-west directions cause enmity, disputes, litigation and arguments in the family or a business set-up. A well or any other pit in the south-west may cause serious impact on the life of the chief of the family.  (The writer Dr. Anand Bhardwaj is one of the highest qualified Vastu consultants of the world, dealing in Scientific Vastu with above 39 years experience, specialized in Vastu Corrections without Demolition. He can be contacted thru:, or # 9999256700, 9811656700  G: Why an underground water storage tank is appreciated in North, North-east (Ishaan Corner) & East directions in Vastu:  North being totally away from sunrays, and North-East being very slightly in touch with the same and till middle of East of a premises it is very less influenced with sunrays, heat etc. Thus if an underground water storage tank is constructed in the above cited three directions, the stored water shall remain cool. Thus, there is very less possibility of its being polluted or generation of any kind of fungi, bacteria, or decomposed rotten water accumulation. Now, if the same water is being used by human being for multiple purposes, the probability of its harming effect is very low as compared to the water used from an underground water storage tank located in heat influenced directions of South, South-East or South-West, because frequent change in temperature from morning till evening gives rise to generation of fungi and poisonous fermentation of fine dirt, dust and other water born bacteria. Secondly, it is advised in Vastu to use and rotate the under-ground stored water for healthy life. Not only In our age old Vastu Shastra it is forbidden to allow the accumulation of water or its stay at a place for long, but also it is scientifically proved that stagnated water in a premises is absolutely unhygienic & causes health problems, that too if it stays in an area which is prone to bacteria or fungus. (The writer Dr. Anand Bhardwaj is one of the highest qualified Vastu consultants of the world, dealing in Scientific Vastu with above 39 years experience, specialized in Vastu Corrections without Demolition. He can be contacted thru:, or # 9999256700, 9811656700
How Vastu may be helpful? As per Vastu, there is a proper direction & location for every deed. Meditation cannot be categorised as an ordinary human action like sleeping, playing, eating, working, driving or doing exercise. This is something which is like creating a very sensitive thread by way of synchronising the outer-self & inner-self. Initially anchoring the uncontrollable mind to concentrate on given holy task needs deliberate efforts. According to Vastu Shastra, every activity needs a perfect mix of physical and occult peripherals like proper light, sound, echo, temperature, colours, humidity & Auric sphere. In short these may be defined factors for a conducive situation or condition required for meditation. The peace, sound breath, concentration, calming ambience and happy mood are the primary requirements for starting meditation. Though everyone may try to do his maximum efforts to locate such area of the house where he feels like getting all or few of these but Vastu may make our efforts accurate, fruitful, easy & feasible. This is what we define as the prerequisite before going to meditate. Vastu Consultants Faridabad, Vastu Consultants Faridabad, vastu Consultants in Faridabad, Vastu Consultants In Faridabad, Best vastu shastra Consultants in Faridabad, vastu shastra Consultants in Faridabad
Vastu For Muhurts talks about various auspicious time. SECRETS of Vastu & Muhurts: It briefly talks about why people started developing the curiosity about the rational and scientific reasoning behind all our spiritual and religious practices along with the detailed explanations of both the traditional and logical aspects of deciding a Muhurat to start any new construction work. It also gives several examples of Vastu principles being present and traditionally followed by in old times, for example, east facing houses were always preferred, masons would always put number of wooden beams in a house by following the principle of Indra, Yama, and Raj. Then it talks about the scientific reasons behind determining the Muhurats for starting any construction work. For example, Dev Shayan period is always avoided (which coincides with monsoon), Shukla Paksha is always preferred over Krishna Paksha (Shukla Paksha and Krishna Paksha represent moon waxing and moon waning phases respectively), Uttarayan period is preferred (January - June) whereas Dakshinayan period is avoided (July-December). (Note: I have given all the details of logical reasoning of Muhurats in my answers to previous two questions). Furthermore, this module also provide some useful pieces of information. For example, Sharad-poornima is the full moon night when the moon is closest to the earth and hence possess medicinal properties which is especially good for eye-sight. That’s why people make rice-kheer and keep under the moon rays overnight and eat that. It also emphasizes on the fact that the balanced temperature, time and place is of high significance in human’s physical and mental development and capacity. For example, zone of Cancer and zone of Capricorn is where the evolution of human mind reached its peak at the earliest. Vastu tip of the day:
Free Vastu Tips of the day: Vastu for South Facing: Causes: Infrared rays are produced as a result of UV rays falling on any object or human being in relation to its own and the surrounding temperature. They are called heat rays in general. They behave similar to light rays in terms of reflection and refraction, however, they can’t be seen by naked eyes. Any object such as building material, furniture etc. made of a good conductor lessens insulation and emits infrared rays. When gradually any object becomes hotter, it emits more and more infrared rays. That’s why we feel hot after we stay under the sun for long duration. These infrared rays are useful to treat skin diseases and sore muscles. In this treatment, these rays are passed through the patient’s skin and it produces heat when it strikes the affected painful area.
Very Crucial Question in Vastu: UG Water in NE & OH Water in West... Why.. Is there any logic or just a superstition. Why the same element like water is recommended in two opposite directions in Vastu Shastra i.e UG & OH... Very simple-----. In Vastu Shastra, the guidelines for water storage varies depending on how exactly the water is being stored. One can build either underground or overhead water storage tank. Underground water storage: The underground water storage e.g. well, hand-pump, boring, swimming pool etc. should always be in north, east or north east direction (make sure not to punch the diagonal line which we read about in level 1). There should never be any well or pit in south-east or north-west directions as it causes enmity, disputes, litigation and arguments in the family or a business set-up. The pit in south-west direction may cause serious impact on the life of chief of the family. Overhead water storage: As opposed to underground water storage, west is considered to be the best direction for overhead water storage. The second best option is north-west. It can also be in between north and north-west directions as the last option. However, it should never be in east, north, north-east or south-east directions. Sometimes people place it in south-west assuming it will help increasing the weight factor; however, presence of water in south-west direction leads to negative impacts on the family members. Also, it is forbidden to put bed below any huge water storage tank in Vastu as it may cause uneasiness, disturbance in sound sleep and negative dreams. Below pictures show the available options for both the underground and overhead water storage tanks. So we can see here how the placement and location of the water storage tank can have several impacts on family members. In addition, there are other reasons which justify the different locations for water storage tank as per Vastu. The north-east corner should be less than south-west corner both in terms of height and weight. Therefore, underground water storage is appropriate in north-east whereas the overhead water storage in suitable in west portion of the house (not in extreme south-west corner as explained above) since north prefers water and west prefers height. If we observe the usage of overhead versus underground water storage tanks, we would find that underground water storage is usually for longer term (no stagnant water though) as compared to overhead water storage. The overhead water storage is usually filled from underground storage and supposed to be utilized faster by the family members. As we have read in level 1 course, the north-east direction is preferred for underground water storage as morning sun rays kill bacteria and hence keep the water clean. On the contrary, if it gets built in south-west, the water might get rotten faster due to extreme changes in the temperature in this corner. Also, having the underground water storage (pond, waterfall, swimming pool etc.) amplifies the effect of useful morning sun rays due to reflection which is good for family members. See more factorts in next update: Vastu for lights, Lighting as per Vastu, Best Vastu lighting, Success Opportunity, Career, Students, Vastu, Vaastu, Vastu shastra, Vaastu Shastra, Vastu consultant, Vaastu Shastra consultant, Best vastu consultant, Vastu course, Vastu Shastra course, Vastu courses, Vastu Shastra courses, Vaastu course, Vaastu Shastra course
If sun is too much, sun can be harmful. Sunrays can have a damaging effect on our skin where they can promote diseases such as cancer. In excess it’s also harmful for the most of the living organisms, so much that a rise of 10ºC in global temperature would probably kill a lot of the beings on the planet, incapable to take shelter or adapt in a very short period of time. As the climate is very different in different parts of the globe, people living in hot climates are more exposed to the effects of the sun and should be more careful with it. Climate of the entire Earth is not the same. Why? Give reasons. Climate is not the same around the globe, nor has it been the same throughout the years. Geography has a great saying when it comes to climate, with phenomena such as mountain ranges keep the moist clouds in one side and letting out rain in one particular region. Also, local flora can change climate to a certain degree, such as a certain amount of trees can create a micro-climate that will protect from the wind, creating the idea of heat or even create rain clouds. But climate usually changes in accordance with sun exposure. Some regions are hotter because they receive more sunlight and for longer. In other regions, where the sun in scarce, such as the poles, cold is what is common. The fact that the Earth rotate on its own axis, from West to East, is the reason why it is daytime in some regions of the planet, while at the same time it’s nighttime elsewhere, depending on what side is being shown to the sun. The planet’s orbit around the sun is the reason why we have seasons. As the planet is 23.5 degrees tilted on its axis, this is the reason why the climate in the South hemisphere is the opposite to the North in the same time of year. This clarifies the notion that no 2 different places on Earth are receiving the exact same energies at the same time.
My lecture of Vastu gives a few examples of scientifically explained Vastu rules. This helps demystify Vastu as being a question of belief and superstition and allows students to understand the true nature of Vastu rules and be able to apply them with our best knowledge.By using our best knowledge we understand that in the southern hemisphere the North direction is more exposed to the strong afternoon sun, closest to the equator, so we apply logic instead of blindly following rules. After scientifically establishing the importance of morning sunrays (with its disinfecting, antibacterial and antibiotic effect) and keeping afternoon rays away (too strong for human healthy living), it gives a few examples of its practical application. Plots facing north and east are favored over others, so that their inhabitants can enjoy the morning rays but shelter from the afternoon sun. For the same reason, water bodies should be kept in the north-east direction, with a cool-moderate temperature that doesn’t allow for micro-organisms to develop and keeps the water clean and healthy. Stagnated water is never good, but keeping it in a place where the sun favors the expansion of its micro-organisms (south-east, south, south-west or west) is even worse. Keeping the kitchen in the south-east will help keep a bacteria free environment as it gets the most of the beneficial sunrays and it’s not too uncomfortably hot for humans to stay there.
Thought of `Uttrayan & Dakshinayan’ has a logical reasoning. few examples. The Muhurat are the auspicious day, time, month etc. These Muhurats care a lot about the atmosphere, weather, environment which favours the human beings in terms of daily output and the longevity of working time. Uttrayan is the period tentatively between January to July. This period is preferred to start a new construction. This period ensures smooth, calm and quite long days during January to July. 21st June is longest day. Human being can work better during this period, so construction etc can be done much faster. The month of March is a favorable month from the weather’s point of view. This is period of liveliness and favarouble for all important job works. Dakshinayan is the period between July to December. This period is not preferred to start any new construction work. This period consists of three months which are moist, hot and rainy reason and the other three coldest months have the shortest possible days’ length. 22nd December happens to be the smallest day of the year. Hence the periods of Uttrayan and Dakshinayan has got a lot of logical meaning. And above all a balanced time, place and temperature helps human beings physically and mentally to a great extent. All the living beings are connected to this vast universe and changes in the universe bring obvious changes in the lives of these beings. Our ancestors understood this relationship and lived their lives in harmony with the universe and different changes it throws. Further, it can be said that our forefathers have played a crucial role in connecting us with the universe, of which we are an indispensable part. Dr. Bhardwaj- The Most Famous Vastu Professional so to Get Excellent Vastu Advice From The Excellent Vastu Professional- Dr. Anand infact Best People Always Choose The Best Vastu Professional yes.. Looking For The Best Vastu Professional? Call Me. Thanks
Since beginning man used nature for his necessities but in the modern era he is exploiting it instead of harnessing it. It may be the long term effects... Off late, man is indeed playing a lot with nature and effects are already visible. The exploitation of nature and moreso the tempering with nature. Artificial islands are being built which though are touted as technological wonders but it is infact tempering with nature. The excessive consumption of fossil fuels which has already caused a hole in the ozone layer, the temperature of earth has already risen, ice glaciers have melted, leading to rise in sea levels. These days every month we hear of natural catastrophies like floods, hurricanes, forest fires which is nothing but nature’s response to the harm being done to it.