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Let the House Breathe-Vastuwise By: Dr. Anand Bhardwaj MA, MBA, Ph.D (Socio), Ph.D (Vastu), D.Sc. Eq. D.Lit (Vastu) Vastu Consultant, Email: Creation of a building design from aesthetic point of view is always based on the concept imaginarily created by the owner or user but at times it may also get influenced by other external factors. The modern artists, elevation experts, structural engineers and other artistic-cum-technical experts greatly influence the pre-set mind of the landlords. Undoubtedly the aim of each technocrat is focussed upon the utility, look, cost factor and many other factors. The desire to create something new & different always remains the motivational factor for the whole team involved in making the building a unique one. Certainly they get success up to much extent but a crucial factor is often overlooked. Yes, this is the insertion of ‘Life Energy’ in the building that carries high value. Vastu Shastra is a science that clubs the building and its habitats with a holistic & emotional thread by instilling a rhythm that vibrates on the same frequency in the concrete building structure as well as in the inmates. Building biology is a subject emerged from modern Vastu science that elaborates & guides how to create the life energy in the structure made up of bricks, iron, concrete, wood and other building material which are known as the lifeless materials.
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Therefore if any of the abovementioned skin / body is damaged, we are never at ease. The main cause behind the ignorance is that we cry if our body gets hurt, we feel socially bad if the clothes we are wearing are damaged, but our premises can not share its grief with us, though it is hurt. But certainly it sends the message in silent language to us, to which we definitely feel, but again overlook the same. I remember that in olden times few people in the traditional rural society were expert to encounter negativities & ill souls by hammering a nail in thresholds, floor, roof-corners or other effected areas pointing inside after a detailed analysis of stimulating various energies. This activity was called “KEELNA”. What shall be the consequences if the entire building is nailed by us pointing outside, thus resisting all the energy from entering into the building. vastu consultant in Jammu and Kashmir, vastu consultants in Jammu and Kashmir, vastu consultant in Jharkhand, vastu consultants in Jharkhand. more information call 9811656700
Spidernets too spread the negative energy. They catch-up the dust & dirt, look uncomfortable and symbolise the lethargic & low profile way of living. The basic reason behind knitting a net by the spiders is to entangle & grip up the insects. If we find a place filled with the spidernets, we feel bad. No one would like to be caught in such ugly looking corner. vastu consultant in Karnataka, vastu consultants in Karnataka, vastu consultant in Kerala, vastu consultants in Kerala. more information call 9811656700
Vastu CORRECTIONS WITHOUT DEMOLITION By: Dr. Anand Bhardwaj MA, MBA, Ph.D (Socio), Ph.D (Vastu), D.Sc. Eq. D.Lit (Vastu) Vastu Consultant, On one hand the craze towards Vastu is increasing day by day but on the other hand the numbers of Vastu consultants is also increasing at a fast pace. Now, due to availability of numerous Vastu consultants on internet, news papers & other media sources, there is a situation of stiff competition amongst the Vastu consultants. Hence the Vastu consultation fee has to be extremely competitive so that the newly trained Vastu consultant may earn his bread & butter easily. In order to gain fast money in a very short span of time, these novice Vastu consultants have turned unethically unprofessional. To do Vastu cures, some of them have started selling various items like stones, Yantra, mantra, tantra, Pyras, symbols, gimmick, self made or crafted elements etc. The TV channels are overloaded with such programmes where Vastu seems to be very commercialized & dependent upon the sale & marketing techniques. Thus they can easily get high amount from the clients in the name of Vastu corrections without demolition. This practice has not only induced fears in the mind of common mass that once the Vastu consultant comes to audit the house, he may sell-off such self generated cures worth lakhs of rupees. Certainly this unethical practice has also started putting question mark on the reality, truthfulness & value of Vastu science. To have a control over such practice we are working on creation of a Forum of Vastu Consultants to establish the ethics, criteria & standardization of Vastu practitioners. If we call Vastu as a science, then certainly the Vastu principles have to follow the scientific rules & each Vastu consultant is supposed to prescribe the Vastu cures logically. Here, I would like to unveil the truth of Vastu corrections without demolition so that as an educated person, everyone may realise that actual Vastu cures cost nothing. The Vastu flaws can easily be ward off with the help of home remedies like change in the positioning and placement of various gadgets from one corner to the other corner, interchanging the bedrooms, shifting important almirahs, cash box-realignment and change in wall colours etc. For few other serious Vastu defects, a Vastu consultant has to be experienced & trained in actual ‘Vastu corrections without demolition, which can easily be done with certain minor objects or items that cost almost nothing like sea salt, alum, copper wire, mirrors, aroma, Basil plant, aquariums, water fountains, red bulbs etc. The re-allocation of Pooja place, sliding of study table from one place to the other place or to other wall may also yield good results. Vastu is a science of directions & flow of energy vibrations; therefore there is no room for superstitious tricks to handle Vastu vibrations. So far as the religious sermons, Pooja, ceremonies, pleasing Gods & other spiritual activities are concerned, there is absolutely nothing wrong in it & one should do believe in the supreme power of God, but paying heavy amount to mediators to perform all these on our behalf may seem to be illogical. Certainly the God is pleased with our true devotion, genuine faith & real offerings, so one can also energize the abode with true devotion. One of the best tools to do Vastu corrections without demolition is extremely easy & works wonder… this is to look at your house, office, spouse, parents, children, neighborhood etc. with a positive sight with a firm belief that everything is positive, good & perfect. Keep on doing this every morning after getting up from the bed & before going to the bed at night. You will find that the life is becoming more & more positive. This is one of the sacred ways to energize the house, office, factory or other similar residential & commercial premises. Therefore it is said “think positive, be positive & the weather shall automatically turn to positive”. (The writer is one of the highest qualified Vastu consultants of the world, dealing in Scientific Vastu with above 39 years experience, specialized in Vastu Corrections without Demolition. He can be contacted thru:, or # 9999256700, 9811656700)
It is always better to place in the ISHAAN (the place for ISH, the God) direction away from any negative energy emitting place like a toilet, a junk yard, a dustbin or similar places. The second thing which I would like to discuss is the ideal place to keep a broom, invented by most of the house wives is the top of a cooler or below ‘Deewan” (the single bed in drawing room) in such a way that every one can easily look at this inauspicious item whereas broom is always recommended to put on the ground in south or west direction away from anybody’s sight that too laid down instead of standing besides a wall in the house. vastu consultant in Tamil Nadu, vastu consultants in Tamil Nadu, vastu consultant in chennai, vastu consultants in chennai
The Pooja placed was shifted from Nairutya to Ishaan in perfect facing of devotee & God. The positive response in terms of multiple comforts was felt by the family members within a couple of weeks. Hence it is always advised to check very minutely before building up a space for performing Pooja. It is always better to place it in the ISHAAN (the place for ISH, the God) direction away from any ill energy emitting place like a toilet, a junk yard, a dustbin or similar unhealthy inauspicious symbols. Vastu Consultants Noida Vastu Consultants Noida vastu Consultants in Noida Vastu Consultants In Noida Best vastu shastra Consultants in Noida Vastu Consultants Greater Noida Vastu Consultants Greater Noida vastu Consultants in Greater Noida Vastu Consultants In Greater Noida Best vastu shastra Consultants in Greater Noida vastu shastra Consultants in Greater Noida
It is always better to place it in the ISHAAN (the place for ISH, the God) direction away from any ill energy emitting place like a toilet, a junk yard, a dustbin or similar unhealthy inauspicious symbols. Vastu Consultancy Jaipur , Vastu Consultancys Jaipur, vastu Consultancy in Jaipur Vastu Consultancys In Jaipur, Best vastu shastra Consultancy in Jaipur
Shri Krishna Janmashtmi: This is the best occasion for getting blessings from Lord Krishna who took birth on this day. People may create a positive aura by placing the statue of Lord Krishna on this day in their Pooja place. The child-pose of Lord Krishna is very helpful in Vastu for the childless couples who desire to have their child. Keeping fast on this day is beneficial from physiological angle as well as from Vastu point of view through which the internal cleansing of human body may help in enhancing human’s positivity level. Chanting of Mantras & ringing of midnight bells in temples rejuvenate the life energy in the environment. This festival symbolises victory over cruelty. The pose of Lord Krishna may also be used on eastern wall in the house. Besides the divine powers, Lord Krishna is also known to be the God with diverse characteristics like a lover, a politician, a protector, a Yogi and a king. Hence this multifaceted vibration graces the abode with divine blessings. Vastu Consultant Bangalore, Vastu Consultants Bangalore, vastu consultant in Bangalore, Vastu Consultants In Bangalore, Best vastu shastra consultant in Bangalore