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Yes, this way we can make the best use of `Vayauya’ corner:

Yes, this way we can make the best use of `Vayauya’ corner:


For leading a harmonious and peaceful life, the North west direction in Vastu should be free of any defect. 


The North West direction has lot of effect on interpersonal relationships and co-ordination.  Vastu Shastra prefers to have bed room of elder son, guest room, study room, dining hall, toilet, storage, place for domestic animals, septic tank in this direction. Defects in this direction leads to conflicts, envy, litigation etc.   This direction is capable of making a man RICH or POOR according to its usage.


 In case of commercial premises display of goods, sales promotion materials should be kept in this direction.   In the Factory / Industry the finished products are to be kept in the North-West corner. It would help quick movements of the stocks and early recovery thereof. Same can be applied for any shop.


This direction should be curtailed and properly utilized. This will give more prosperity, happiness and good off springs also. This will also give longer life, health and dignity.  North-west has more significance for women as this corner is readily related to women development, marriage and health.  North-west plots are considered good for women members, next generation and for high social status.  Renders good name and publicity to the occupants.  To attain peace, prosperity and health North-west corner should be utilized efficiently and no under-water tank should be constructed here.


Vastu recommends proper placement of doors, windows, ventilators, balconies, height of structure and placement of trees and plants for balancing the Air element within the structure.

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