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What is the role of five elements in our life.

What is the role of five elements in our life.

Indian Vedic Science has laid down the principles of Vastu-Shastra. Also, our Rishi-Munis also laid down the concepts in ancient era through their intensive search in the area. Main books referred are Atharv Veda, Gita, Mayamatam, Mansar, Vishwakarma Prakash, SamranganSutradhar, Vastu-Ratnavali, Sthapatya Veda, etc. The whole universe is made up of earth, water, space, fire & air. These elements combine to form human body. The entire universe is also made up of these elements. Hence these elements of the nature to be well coordinated with the elements of human body. A person originates from earth and then enjoys water, space, fire and air through out his life and finally goes back to earth. So, we should give special focus to these elements to attain prosperity, wealth & happiness. The elements can determine the way particular directions interact with particular objects or certain kinds of people. It would be bad for a fire sign to set up an office in the corner that represents the water corner. These little details of Vastu is not just based on the directions and the elements of the nature, but a little on the personality of the dweller, or at least the element that the person was born into. We are experienced Vastu adviser with the logical mind-set. Today most of the people are making the houses & commercial sites as per Vastu Shastra & he is searching the best Vastu Consultants or top most Vastu consultant so that the benefits of Vastu Shastra may be enjoyed. The right Vastu consultant always shows the right path. If we follow Vastu principles logically, they are beneficial. The world class Vastu guru- Dr. Anand Bhardwaj writes on the basic & technical aspects of Vastu Shastra consultancy services in India.

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