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What is the role of Ishaan corner in the life of residents in a building

What is the role of Ishaan corner in the life of residents in a building

The Ishaan corner or the north-east direction is the most auspicious, holy and sensitive place of a building. As per Vastu, multiple auspicious cosmic energies travel from the Ishaan corner to the Nairutya corner. It is the Ishaan corner from which the sun blesses the earth with its soft rays at dawn and morning hours. As per Vastu a building along with the residents is blessed with the soft morning sunrays both internally and externally from the Ishaan corner. Scientifically, the morning sunrays contain soft Ultraviolet rays which stimulate our bodies to produce Vitamin ‘D’ and act as germicides to kill the microbes and thus purify the atmosphere as well as underground water source belonging to this Ishaan corner. Moreover, these soft Ultraviolet rays also cleanse the inner side of a building if the Ishaan corner is maintained sincerely enough to enter these morning sunrays into the building. On the other hand the different colours (VIBGYOR) of the visible spectrum of sunrays help in restoring the human body functions. The morning sunlight from the Ishaan corner decreases blood sugar, resting heart rate, lactic acid in blood. Likewise, it increases resistance to arthritis, balances blood pressure as well as respiratory rate. According to Vastu the head of the imaginary demi God ‘Vastupurush’ rests in the Ishaan corner of a building. Hence it may be considered that the Ishaan corner is the head or CNS of a building by which the other parts of the building are controlled or maintained. Therefore the whole building along with the inmates will remain positively if the Ishaan corner is maintained positively as per Vastu recomendations. Thus the Ishaan corner plays a vital role in the life of residents in a building.

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