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What is Bramha Sthan? Get Customised Vastu advice- No copy Paste

What is Bramha Sthan?

Get Customised Vastu advice- No copy Paste

Though old literature in Sanskrit language is the ocean of directives best suited to that period’s social needs but in present era, no much work on academic or laboratory level has taken place on our age-old mystic sciences including Vastu Shastra. Practitioners’ data, information, case studies and analysis are the only basis and major tools to explain the nature of negative or positive vibrations or energies. Even there are less means available to detect the anti-Vastu vibrations moving in and around Pooja place, kitchen, study, living area or Bramha-sthan etc.

So far as the human being is concerned, most of the times he finds himself helpless to show or prove the different supportive or antagonist effects of negativities on the inmates living in the abode, looking after a business premises or working in an industrial organization. The more easy way to understand the human’s incapability to sense the super sensitive and ultra minute natural powers can be seen in locating directions in absence of sun, however a small compass is always capable of indicating directions without any complication. Now this is high time to explore the best means including instruments and tools so that we can have exact and proper data to analyze on different grounds because this may bless to entire humanity with abandoned cosmic energies to keep one’s life up. Surely we can bring the curiosities to factual position if we can be there in a science laboratory equipped with all the required instruments because all the factors of Vastu Shastra rest on scientific grounds. 

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