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What exactly is called Vastu Purusha… The concept of „Vastu purusha‟ in Vastu shastra is completely a logical, practical and scientific phenomenon.

What exactly is called Vastu Purusha…

The concept of „Vastu purusha in Vastu shastra is completely a logical, practical and scientific phenomenon. From the mythological point of view as mentioned in the various Indian epics, the Vastu purusha is considered as the spirit of a house and also exists in the every house as the Lord of that house. In „Brihat Samhita written by „Varah Mihira[ an ancient Indian astronomer, astrologer and mathematician , born (AD 505-587) in Ujjain] the Vastu purusha is mentioned as an imaginary man having the power of God( Demi-God) having six bones, a single heart, four sensitive limbs and four vessels. He lies upon the ground with his head towards North-east and legs towards South-west. The Vastu purusha present in every house is responsible for good and bad fortune of the inmates. That is why while constructing any house one should never put any pillar or heavy load and dig any pit on his sensitive limbs like head, heart and navel point etc. In Vastu shastra, the Vastu purusha mandala( a metaphysical square plan) illustrates the Vastu purusha with 45 Gods on his body, within the perimeter of house .From all those above and the scientific point of view it is assumed that the concept of Vastu purusha is based on Physics, Astronomy and Astrology wherein it is strictly mentioned to observe the points like, the locations of the different parts of a house, the solar energy of the Sun, the five elements(panch mahabhutas),the Earths magnetic field, the eight directions as per which the construction of a building must be manipulated according to the principles of Vastu shastra to create a beneficial atmosphere to the building as well as the inmates. For example ,if any blockage by construction is done in the North-East zone of a building then it will definitely obstruct the the beneficial sun rays in the morning hours which is considered to be contained with vitamin „D with comfortable heat and light than that of the other hours in the day. On the other hand if any heavy load by construction is put in the middle of a house or dug a pit in it, the center of weight (which sustains the overall weight of a rigid body) of that building will be disturbed which will cause the untoward damage of the building as well as carry the misfortune for the inmates.


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