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Inhale the beneficial energies to promote your business, family relations & social recognition from ISHAAN direction. Check if your main entrance lies on the left side in East and South directions, right on North & west direction while staying inside the premises. According to age old science of Vaastu Shastra, the most important factor that can nicely knit your business prospects, well being of family members and total comforts in the building largely depends upon the directions of flow of various energies which in tern bless you with an effectual & comfortable life.



The entire universe is governed by various energies that roam about freely in the atmosphere and we recognise most of them by the name of multiple cosmic energies. Everything including air, wood, earth, metal, water etc. are made of very small atoms that is further defined by its structure of neutron, proton & electron. The ultimate power which is known as God is also recognised to be the Almighty who blesses us with the life energy. The basis of human life is also energy and the moment this energy exhausts, the body becomes life-less. According to Vaastu, all the major auspicious energies flow from North to South and East to West directions. Thus we can be benefited with most of the sacred, cool & beneficial breeze from North-east direction, generally called ISHAAN (place of ISH i.e. God)  corner.




How these energies put an impact on human life, is a question of great concern because its the mind that controls and directs the decision making capability and power of individuals and we know that its the decision that leads us to achieve different goals appropriately or adversely effect the same. The sum total of multiple decisions define our life style, social status and intellect. Therefore, the right decision at right time always pays to us. Hence, the maximum positive energies we receive, the more we intend to achieve comforts. As mentioned above, the first and foremost factor which can be grabbed by us is the decision to place main entrance of the building. If we have the main entrance on ISHAAN corner, whether its in the Northern side of East facing plot or the Eastern side of a North facing plot, both are strongly positive and the energies we receive from these directions are beneficial. The main entrance in the North side of West facing plot is known to be the normal entrance and good for businessmen. This corner is called the VAYAVYA corner, denotes AIR. However the main gate at the South-west corner is not recommended in Vaastu.




There are multiple remedies available for inauspicious positioning of wrongly placed main gates. If you have the main gate in ISHAAN corner, nothing like it. This can further be energised by placing water elements, green pots, lawns and a small marble statue of lord Ganesha. The aquarium, with nine golden fishes, placed inside the building at the left side of main door (from inside) enhances the positive energies that blesses with the career prospects of children & shines the business opportunities in business premises. The doors at AIR corner or in west directions are recommended to boost with wind-chimes of six and seven spokes respectively.  Main doors of South facing houses can be made positive by fixing Chinese Ba-gua mirror in front of the door at the midst of roof and door’s uppermost level. The use of black-horse-shoe to ward-off negative vibrations has been in vogue since olden times. I have seen a number of cases where the wrongly placed main entrance had put the business and family’s harmony in troubles. Recently I visited an industry at Moradabad, where only the dislocation of main entrance had started turning the business in troubles. In fact, VAASTU guides you to get the lifetime benefits by harnessing the abandoned energies, present in the universe. So why not to use them for our multiple comforts. Therefore the Vaastu impacts of positioning & placement should be looked at professionally because you should at least know all the positive & negative factors about your premises so that always you step forward in positive & gainful direction. Vastu Consultants in Gurgaon, Vastu courses in kirti nagar delhi, Vastu for kitchen, Vastu for Industry, Diploma in vastu, Vastu for Factory, Vastu Consultants in New Delhi, Vastu for wash room, Vastu courses in Faridabad, Vastu for plants, Vastu experts in Greater Noida, Vastu consultants in Greater Noida, Vastu advice for Home Consultant, Delhi Vastu Consultant, Vastu consultants in Noida, Vastu consultants in delhi, Vastu consultant for home, Vastu consultants in Gurgaon, Vastu services in delhi, Vastu Consultants in Delhi, Vastu expert in Gurgaon, Vastu in hindi, Vastu Shastra Consultants in Noida

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