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What all measures should be taken to make a study room an ambient area with positivity….

What all measures should be taken to make a study room an ambient area with positivity….  


As per Vastu the following measures should be taken to make a study room an ambient area with positivity.

Placement of the study room:

[1] In a house the study room should not be placed in the south, south-east or south-west directions rather it should be placed in the perfect east, perfect west, north, north-east or north-west direction.

[2] Study room should be SPECIfied for study purpose only. A bedroom or dining area should never be considered as a study room.

Sanctity of the study room:

[1] The study room or eSPECIALally the study table should be junk free, dust free or neat & clean. The books should not be kept in undisciplined order on the study table. They should be kept well arranged in a book-shelf. The study table should be treated as a sacred place. Hence, one should never put his/her shoes under the study table.

[2] A recitation of Gayatri mantra or religion wise recitation should be performed for few minutes regularly. This also helps in enhancing the confidence, peace of mind as well as the concentration power of the students.

[3] By arranging a small pooja place by the students the sanctity and positivity of the study room can be increased.

[4] The study room or the study table should be devoid of mirrors and make-up items to avoid disruption of concentration while studying.

Sitting arrangement for student:

[1] In a study room the sitting arrangement should be such that the student can face the north, east or north-east direction only.

[2] While studying in the study room, the student should not sit facing or keeping back exactly to an open toilet attached to the study room. Hence, the toilet door should be kept close all the time.

[3] There should not be a hollow back side exactly the sitting position of the student rather there should preferably be a beautiful scene of mountain. Hence, the entry door of the study room should not be behind the student while studying. Such entry door keeps on giving a feeling of insecurity, uncertainty and feeling of entering of someone through it.

[4] The sitting position should not be below a beam, a slab or similar heavy structures because, due to

gravitational force it may transfer its tension (weight) to the student sitting below it.

Interior set up of the study room:

[1] The book-shelf should be placed in the west or south while the sitting position is arranged to face the north or east respectively.

[2] If there is a cupboard in the study room then it should be kept close. Moreover, the doors of the book-shelves and Almirahs also should be kept close to avoid the breaking of concentration as well as to avoid the direct view of a huge numbers of books kept there.

[3] Though a bed is not preferable in a study room but due to scarcity of available space if one has to sleep there then the bed should preferably be aligned to the north-south direction and the head side of the bed should rest in the south. Alternatively, it can also be aligned to the east-west direction to put the head either east or west while sleeping. At any condition the head should not be put towards the north.

[4] The computer should be placed in the south-east corner of the room or at the right hand side of the table while facing the east. On the other hand it should be at

the left hand side while facing the north. Moreover, to reduce the EMR the computer should be covered with EMR protecting shield. It can also be covered with a light colour or white cloth cover while not in use.

[5] There should be no poster of favorite hero, heroine, player, body builder or portrait of fighting man, wild animals, crying or shouting people which may divert the concentration and may create destructive mood, spoil the sacredness of the study room and thus create a negative energy in the room.

[6] Table, chair or other concerned furniture made of wrought iron should not be used in a study room. ESPECIAL.......                                                              ...     ally a table with a glass top should be avoided in a study room because it gives the full view below it and thus diverts the concentration.

[7] The walls of the study room should be painted with white, cream, ivory, light blue or light green which give cooling effect.

[8] In a study room the number of windows should be more in the north, east and north-east directions and they should be kept open as long as possible so that the positive energies can enter into the room. ESPECIAL.......                                                              ...     ally opening the eastern windows in the morning hours the

room gets blessed with the morning sunlight and vibrates with the positive and healthy energies.

If there is any window in the western side then it should be kept close in the day time and afternoon hours to protect the room from the irritating and hot infrared rays of the sun.

[9] The curtains of the north, east and north-east directions should be semi-transparent and light weighted made of thin fabric. On the other hand the curtains in the west and southern side should be heavy weighted made of thick and dark fabric.

[10] The walls of the study room should not be nailed and if they are already nailed then they should be removed and the holes should be filled with wall-putty.

[11] When a single room is provided for studying more than one child then a combined and smiling photograph should be hanged on the western wall of the room to generate the feelings of co-operation amongst them.

[12] The study room should be properly illuminated to create a soothing environment within the study room.

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