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VASTU: The difference between the “Surya-bedhi” & “Chandra-bedhi” premises--

VASTU: The difference between the “Surya-bedhi” & “Chandra-bedhi” premises--


In Vastu Shastra, the alignment of various premises has been formulated into two categories. One is Surya-bedhi and another is Chandra-bedhi. “Bedhi” means penetration and if the alignment is such that the sun rays can penetrate through doors, windows easily, it’s called Surya bedhi. Otherwise it’s called Chandra-bedhi. That’s why east and west facing premises are called Surya-bedhi because the morning soft heat sun rays can penetrate through doors, windows made in front & rear court yards. On the other hand, north and south facing premises are called Chandra-bedhi and will be exposed to extreme low temperature in north direction and high temperature in south direction. It will mostly be exposed to afternoon sun rays which are not as beneficial as morning sun rays. That’s why the Surya-bedhi is considered to be more auspicious in Vastu. In Vedic era, Harappa, the civilization of Sindhu-Valley etc., most of them are found to be Surya-bedhi. There are several health benefits of Surya-bedhi as morning sun rays work as natural germicide, fungicide and insecticide. Also, natural flow of the wind in east-west directions keep Surya-bedhi houses more receptive to the natural air conditioning thus removing the necessity of any artificial means to do the same.Interestingly, east-west alignment of streets naturally sweeps away dust, dry leaves etc. Otherwise, in south-north alignments, the wind does not get easy passage and hence the roads tend to accumulate the dust. The world class Vastu guru- Dr. Anand Bhardwaj writes on the basic & technical aspects of Vastu Shastra consultancy services in India. Therefore get customised Vastu advice- no copy-paste and thus be accurate, be wise—select the best Vastu consultant. There are very minor cures for big Vastu Doshas. The real Vastu believers get true Vastu advice from the most prominent Vastu adviser because a superlative Vastu consultation is only possible from the superior Vastu guide. Our advice is always a scientific & authentic. You may also call us for Vastu remedies without breaking & get world class Vastu advice for the best results. The happy life also depends upon many factors. If one needs the best Vastu advice for the best outcome then take honest Vastu advice from the world’s leader in Vastu Dr. Bhardwaj- the most famous Vastu consultant.

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