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By: Dr. Anand Bhardwaj

Continued from last issue ........


REMEDIES : FENGSHUI , the Chinese Vaastu works on the principles of symbols hence advises to hang a full length mirror at turning point as it shall give an effect of coming up from the opposite direction making your movement clockwise. However, Vaastu advises to be dead slow at all the turns and the mirror is recommended to place on the Eastern or Northern walls, not on Western or Southern walls. 


4.   Number of Steps

One can find a number of references, articles, books and similar literature emphasising to maintain the odd number of steps in the staircase. But here I would like to clarify that you must have observed that more than 90 % people prefer to put their right foot on the first step. Thus the second foot is on the second step, and you feel too much natural & easy if there is the third step available to reach to the desired height. FENGSHUI  also explains the same in terms of YIN and YANG energy symbols like if you put your right step to climb up, it symbolises the GROWTH/ UPWARD MOBILITY/ PROGRESS  etc. but the moment you put your left step, it is YIN. So never end you journey to growth on YIN, the negative energy. So try to have the third step. The extract of the above advises to maintain the odd number of steps in your staircase.


5.  Height of risers & width of Treadles :


Vaastu advises to maintain an appropriate height & width of stairs best suited to all family members. It is better to have a halt in the mid of entire staircase. We should have a resting place in between the total stairs height. This wide step shall help us to regain positive energy and it may be helpful to slow down the accidentally speedily falling objects from upper level. This is the supportive cause behind making stairs clockwise. Fengshui also advises to avoid straight stairs, else the Positivity gets swept away.


6.   Presence of any Pooja, Kitchen, Toilets, Study or Money-box etc. below stairs :- Every second day you must be going through Vaastu related articles advising to avoid using the empty space available below the stairs for Pooja place, kitchen, toilets, bed room, money-box or study etc., but the cause is hardly explained. Therefore curiosity stands in our mind. Sometimes my clients ask a very genuine question i.e. if it is not advisable to build a Pooja place below a stairs, it is well understood since it is inauspicious to put feet or shoes at the apex or head of Pooja being the holy place meant for worshipping but toilets are not at all auspicious, so why we can’t build toilets in this area to make the best use of it? 


STAIRS PROCESS ENERGY BOTH WAYS : Think if you are putting your feet upon a place below which you have placed the pious worshipping and perform holy deed like Pooja, how do you feel. The moment you realise that there are poses, idols & symbols of our deities, Gods and Gurus below the stairs’ steps on which you are putting feet, I am sure you shall not appreciate the same & under these feelings you shall immediately prefer shifting Pooja to another appropriate place. Similarly, placing a chest or money box, study, dining and  kitchen etc. are also the same way.


What about the toilets below stairs? Well, the slope of a stairs represents a fraction of incomplete and unsaturated pyramid that has a great power to process energy both ways, i.e. from below it to upwards & from upwards to downwards. In a case when a toilet is built-up below stairs, you receive the semi-processed negative energy and drop the same in your living area built up at the upper floors. Even if there is no residential area at first floor, the leaning edge or tilted structure of slope, given to the stairs endeavours to retain and re-circulate much of negative vibrations inside it.

To be continued  ........

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