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Vastu principles are user friendly and can be incorporated easily during the time of planning a project.

Vastu principles are user friendly and can be incorporated easily during the time of planning a project.

Vastu principles are user friendly and can be incorporated easily during the time of planning a project. It is possible to implement the Vastu principles without a complete structural change or demolition of a part. Within a premise it can be done easily by rearranging the positions and placements of the inmates, furniture, pooja place, water sources, study area etc. as per Vastu directions. A minor change in the placement and positioning of bed, sofas, Almirahs etc. can also give a fruitful result in correcting Vastu defects.

Colours also play a vital role in creating positive vibrations within a premise.

As per Vastu shastra high gloss colours or dark colours like black, dark brown, dark grey etc. should not be used for painting the walls. Combination of too many colours in a single room creates negative vibrations as per Vastu. In the business premises the combination of the colours should be made in such a way that they contrast with other interiors, create a soothing environment within or outside the premises and match with the moods of the proprietor, staff and customers or visitors. Scientifically, colours have both psychological and physiological effects on living beings. A colour may be responsible for activating and controlling human glands, stimulating appetite and escalating our body’s metabolism. For example, the red colour associates with the ‘fire’ element. It stimulates the production of adrenal hormone which increases the flow of blood in the body of low blood pressure patients, stimulates our sensory nerves to increase the senses of smell, test, sight, hearing and touch and thus enhances our appetite to eat or drink more. On the contrary, the blue colour reduces the habit of over-eating. The off-white colour is said to be

helpful for the high-blood pressure patients. Likewise, the green colour is associated with healing. The golden yellow or tinted brown colour helps a person in enjoying his meal. This way colours play a vital role in our daily life.

That is why Vastu shastra advises to select the colours with reference to the planet and element that a direction represents. LET US DISCUSS THE VASTU TENETS FROM VASTU ANGLE. THIS IS BY DR. ANAND BHARDWAJ THE SENIOR VASTU CONSULTANT WHO IS PROVIDING THE BEST VASTU CONSULTANCY SERVICES IN INDIA. HIS LECTURE ON VASTU FOR HOME, VASTU FOR FACTORIES, VASTU FOR OFFICES, VASTU FOR INDUSTRIES & VASTU FOR CORPORATE OFFICE WILL SOON BE HELD IN CONNAUGHT PLACE. The Vastu expert & Best Vastu experts: Dr. Anand Bhardwaj, the world famous Vastu consultant & Vastu expert also expertise in Vastu corrections without demolition. If you want the perfection in Vastu energies, get excellent Vastu advice from the excellent Vastu consultant- Dr. Anand Bhardwaj. Now when the finest Vastu advice available in your city then don't compromise... Choose the best Vastu expert because we deal Vastu with logic.. No space for superstition as here we are to provide the best in class Vastu advice. Best people always choose the best Vastu consultant. The perfect Vastu consultant always gives the perfect Vastu advise as an expert Vastu Consultant. Thanks

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