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Vastu For Water Element, Where to keep underground water tank, Overhead Water Storage tank

Water- An Elixir In Vastu

By: Dr. Anand Bhardwaj


We have more than 70% water on our earth. Amazingly almost the same proportion is also there in the  human body. This is not a co-incidence, but this fact indicates that water is one of the main constituents of fundamental factors behind the human existence on this mother earth. Hence, the ratio of water in human body & on the earth is not at all the subject matter of ‘strange’. While talking about the five elements, the solid part of our body represents earth element, surrounded and living with the gases is the example of air element, getting natural heat with food and sun clearly indicates the fire element and of course we know that we live in open space, is to explain the fifth element of ‘Space’, the Akaash Tatva. Though each macro-element has its significance, but water plays a major role not only in Vastu Shastra, the age old Vaidic wisdom but also in today’s medical science. Vastu recommends having maximum water element in Ishaan corner located in the north-east zone of a plot, building or surroundings. We have been defining the imaginary shape, structure and positioning of the Vastu Purusha upon a piece of land or in a house in such a way that its head lies in the north-east direction. So here are two factors complimenting each other. We consume maximum water from mouth that replicates the north-east direction in Vastu science. The more we intake water, more we live healthy.


There are certain other uses of water in Vastu science. For example placing a running fountain in the north-east direction of the house is considered to be very auspicious. Similarly placing a fish aquarium in the north-east is also appreciated as per Vastu. Even in Fengshui, the Chinese Art of positive placement of articles, It is also recommended to place an aquarium with nine fishes (one black & 8 other/ gold fishes) in the north or north east of the entrance lobby of a house or in a commercial unit.


The other similar occult sciences like Reiki and Pranic healing often appreciate using salted water to bathe that helps in cleansing the human energy field called an ‘AURA’. In this system, it is recommended to mix some sea salt in the first bucket of water & then use it for taking bath. After that the other non salted water is used which may help to remove from the body all external salt. One may feel fresh after the above bath. That may be the cause behind beneficial bathing in sea water recommended by many natural therapists.


In the terminology of Vastu-shastra the south-east sector of a house is called the fire corner. Hence, there are chances of being aggressive or short tempered by the inmates living in a bedroom located in this corner or direction. It is not possible to keep unused one or few rooms in a house, so someone is supposed to use this room as a bedroom. Therefore, as per the art of Vastu corrections without demolition’ we recommend to the occupants of this room to consume as much water as possible. Behind this phenomena, there may be the reason that the south-east direction is the direction of transition from UV-2 to UV-3, hence it may produce some types of toxins in the body, that can easily be flushed out with urine and sweat, if a substantial amount of water is taken. Otherwise also as per modern medical science drinking maximum water brings good health. So it is suggested to get positivity from a lot of water intake.


There are many sacred springs from where the devotees bring divine water and use in religious offerings all over the world. Waters from some cascades, waterfalls & springs are believed to cure most of the skin diseases. Most of these sources are so purified from natural arena that the water never deteriorates. Scientific analysis of these holy waters logically define the causes in terms of presence of certain salts like sulphur, phosphorus, manganese, magnesium etc. depending upon their parent source, may be from a constituent of natural rock, mine or salt treasure under earth. Using such medicated water is certainly believed to be good for human health, even to bathe, consume or drink. Here I find a thread linking the beliefs and science. In India, the water of holy Ganges is sprinkled in the house with a strong belief that it purifies the inner Aura of the house. In aroma therapy also, one may get some water in a shallow vase and put few drops of sandal-wood, eucalyptus oil, Neem (Indian Lilac) oil, saffron or other aroma that pleases most of the family members. This is recommended in an area from where morning cool breeze blows through the abode.


It is an essential point to ponder upon that if water is so important, beneficial and a fundamental constituent of the earth, it should also be preserved. Here also Vastu science strongly recommends having earth-water recharged thru a rain water harvesting system in the premises. The direction for the same is prescribed as north-east because the tenets of Vastu recommend having the floors and roof slopes from south-west to north-east. So, these recommendations of Vastu are not only a practical thing but also advocates to preserve the ground water & maintain the level of earth-water strata with the help of rain-water harvesting system. The entire above all definitions go with hand-in-hand with occult sciences, Vastu, modern science & of course with an essential constituent of ecological balance.

Dr. Anand Bhardwaj

M.A., MBA, Ph.D (Socio), Ph.D (Vastu), D.Sc. (Vastu)

Director: International Institute of Vaidic Culture (Regd),

12, DDA Market, Sarita Vihar, New Delhi-110076 (INDIA)

Ph: 9999256700, 9811656700



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