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Ishaan Corner-

The Most Auspicious Direction Of Vastu

By: Dr. Anand Bhardwaj


Though each direction & sub direction plays a vital role in our life as per the doctrine of Vastu Shastra but amongst all directions the sub-direction of Ishaan is considered to be the most auspicious. In common terminology, this direction lies between the directions of north & east. The perfect method to measure this direction is very simple. Just divide the whole premises in 9X9=81 equal parts & select 9 parts in the extreme north-east corner on the layout plan of your house, plot, office or other such premises as shown in the diagram. According to the Vastu tenets, this direction should be used for all the activities which are called auspicious, pious, ritualistic, intellectual, meditational & of similar categories. We shall discuss each main activity & its positioning & placement according to their requirement in such a manner that those perfectly align in tune to the Vaidic Vastu principles.


Pooja place: The best way to utilise the sanctity of north-east  (Ishaan) direction is to make it our worship or daily prayer area. No doubt God is the super most power and has enough positive force but as a human being we want the in-transition of required vibrations for our comfort. Certainly by way of our trust, faith and immense devotion the deities, idols or other visible (Saakaar) and invisible (Nirakaar) forms of almighty start vibrating on a certain frequency and constitute a positive and circular energy field called hallow or Aura. As a devotee we need some fraction of those positive vibrations from that ocean of abandoned energy for our physical, financial, mental and spiritual growth. Therefore our facing and the true alignment of God with the vibrant rays of rising sun becomes essential. This can easily be practised if we plan the Pooja place or domestic small Mandir in Ishaan direction in such a way that the devotee should be facing the direction of east to welcome the rising sun and Gods face can be in west, north or south to be set as per the size of our Pooja casing and number and size of idols, pictures or symbols of God.


Place of meditation: If one is lucky to learn and practice meditation, Ishaan direction is the best place for the same. In this activity too one should face east while sitting or posing for meditation. The second best direction for meditation is north. One may choose the best suited direction in given area. The biggest benefit shall be reflected in proper concentration & less deviation because controlling over the thoughts & pin-pointing to the bull’s eye is the key of successful meditation, which can be achieved in the auspicious direction of north-east (Ishaan).


Study:  Study is another act of great significance that too need the concentration. In other word education is the synonym of appeasing Saraswati, the Goddess of wisdom. This is not possible unless one is sitting in an area that is blessed with positivity. As cited above, it is the sub direction of north-east which is always filled with positive vibrations, thus conducive to learning. In most of the educational institutes like schools & colleges one may see the grand picture or statue of Goddess Saraswati that symbolises the true feelings of getting learned. As per Vastu science, the statue of Goddess Saraswati is set in such a way that students face east while attending the morning prayers. That is why the library, reading room & study rooms are appreciated in Ishaan direction.


Yoga: Any activity that is done for our good health, wealth and happiness is the constituent of finer deed. Yoga is becoming much popular in modern time, which is a holistic form of exercise; hence it should also be performed in the positive area of Ishaan direction located in north-east. If one has the doors and windows in north and east directions, they should be kept open in the morning hours, preferably till 9 o clock. It may work wonders if the balcony, canopy or terrace of north east direction is used in a flat in multi-storeyed apartment where open courtyard is not available.

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