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Vastu For Positive Energy, How to become Positive Vastu, Vastu For Positivity, Happy New Year 2018


 Often industrialists, businessmen, house owners and land lords call Vaastu, Fengshui and Pyramids consultants to get their buildings & other workplace surveyed from Vaastu angle, initiate an early action on priority basis and start from the factors that can easily be modified. During my extensive experience I have concluded that though people are very much concerned about obtaining multiple comforts from this age old Indian knowledge, but they are almost ignorant about their personal Vaastu. Today, every second person is well aware of the life long advantages of right placement and positioning inside a concrete premises according to Vaastushastra and we frequently come across  a lot of clients who have the basic knowledge of all the ten directions and their supportive as well as negative impacts on human life as defined in Vaastu. Not only this, they had started taking benefits from the positive Vaastu by way of initiating petty steps and by making small alterations. They are well versed with the scientific facet of the same. The awareness of Vaastu, Fengshui & Pyramidology in new generation is very much apparent.


As per Vaastu, all the main directions & their sub directions including earth and space put their respective impacts according to their significance on all the family members, which is very closely concerned with their area of occupation and placements. No doubt that adaptation of all positive energies bless us good health, wealth and physical comforts in our house & business both, but our personal Vaastu also has its concrete contribution in deciding our life’s comforts and family’s total harmony. In Vaastu Shastra, we emphasise on maintaining our ISHAAN direction’s sanctity, i.e. North-east corner, as this is the most sensitive, holy & auspicious area of each premises from where the multiple auspicious  cosmic energies travel from Ishaan to Nairutya. Likewise, our head, heart & soul are placed in the ISHAAN direction of our body, i.e. top, head and left side while facing to sun direction. Those who have the in-depth spiritual knowledge about the Sahasradalpada, Agyachakra & Vishudhachakra in a practice of Kundili Jagran,  do very well realise the pain and hindrances one may face due to blockage of energy movement from Mooladhar to  ‘Bramha Randhra’, caused because of inauspicious thoughts and similar deliberate violent actions which impurify our head , heart & soul.   


It is the general method to get the Vaastu advice for the premises to get all the major Vaastu defects rectified best suited to the requirements of all the inmates and looking ahead to the better future prospects but it shall be far better if we could re-arrange our building’s Vaastu & personal Vaastu in such a way that they move on the same wavelength. Here, by personal Vaastu I mean that not only our premises, rooms, shops or other such buildings adhere to the Vaastu advice but also we must peep into ourselves if there are few negativities in our inner self. We must contemplate if our heart, mind or soul is burdened with some scrap because it is very easy for us to get away with all the negative elements/ objects like scrap etc. from our house by calling a scrap dealer (kabaari) and get rid of it, but throwing away our internal / mental scrap is also equally essential.


Mental scrap constitutes the feelings of enmity, anger, revenge or complaints against others. Besides, inferiority complex, superiority complex, personal ego, lack of self confidence are also negative objects that could spoil our heart and soul. The memories of painful incidents of the past, bad feelings about someone, notorious or destructive thoughts etc. too block our growth and make our life painful. The sum total of all the above negativities cause mind blockage, make us cruel, depressed, narrow minded, negative and pessimist, that’s why I recommend that whenever you get a Vaastu advice for your house, industrial Organisations, shops or other business premises, do give enough attention on improving your personal Vaastu too. The perseverance, honesty, love, trust, co-operation, knowledge and patriotism etc. are the ornaments of our inner self exactly like we use beautiful plants, fancy focus lights, essence sticks, religious rituals etc. to ward-off negative energy from our abode. I suggest you to consider the above in your priority list of resolutions for the ‘year-2018’ and give due consideration to it. 

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