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Vastu For Pooja Place

According to Vastu Shastra, the best direction for pooja place in a house is north-east, also known as Ishaan corner. Ishaan originates from word Ish which means God. Another meaning for Ishaan is Lord Shiva. That’s why the Ishaan corner is the best for praying the God. For the similar reasons, this corner can also be good for meditation, religious activities, yoga, reading and study. However, one should avoid placing any heavy items in the extreme north-east corner such as book shelf etc. The below picture shows all the possible locations of pooja room in the preference order as well as the areas where one should never place the pooja room.


Like any other room, the interiors of the pooja room also play an important role in Vastu.

*     Ideally facing east while praying God is considered best, however, one can face either east or west at the time of prayers.

*     Ideally one should face east while praying in the mornings. However, if one offers prayers mostly in evenings due to lack of time in mornings, west is the best direction to face. The evening’s prayers are known as Sandhya in India.

However, there are certain factors which one must consider while deciding for a pooja place which are described below:

*     The pooja should not be placed below the staircase.

*     There should not be a toilet adjacent to the pooja place.

*     Pooja should not be placed in the kitchen as well. Although the kitchen is a clean and holy area, however, people generally use garlic, onion and other spices in frying food which is considered against the sanctity of pooja. Also, some people cook non vegetarian food as well. So it is best to avoid kitchen for the pooja place.

*     Although the pooja can be placed in Brahma Sthan area as shown in the above picture, however, nothing should be made in the extreme central area which is marked as BS. The Brahma Sthan must be left open and if it that’s not possible, one should avoid the extreme central area at least.

*     The pooja should also not be placed in a store or in open areas like the front lawn or the backyard.Vastu Consultant
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