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Vastu for Kitchen

Free Vastu Guidelines series: In a Vastu friendly kitchen, the primary concerns are cleanliness, large area for food preparation and safety of the cook. According to Vastu, the ideal direction to place a kitchen is south-east. The sink and taps should be placed in north or north-east corner whereas microwave, mixer grinder etc. should be placed along south or in south-east corner. The best arrangement for placing the stove is so that the cook can face east direction while cooking. In order to maintain cleanliness, dining should be placed outside the kitchen. The used and dirty utensils must be cleaned after each meal so that no bacteria may flourish in the kitchen. The highest priority should be good ventilation and good cooking equipment.The cupboards and cabinets should be placed along south or western walls where raw cereals, food items, pulses etc. can be stored. Kitchen’s counter tops are generally made of marble or stone. Toxic pollutants such as chemically treated materials, cleaning agents and residue from improper heat combustion must be avoided.Now a days, modular kitchen style is being used and it has detachable parts. Occasionally washing and keeping these parts under the sharp sunshine in noon hours can help us to keep the kitchen neater, clean and free from any bad odor.As we read in previous modules, placing the kitchen in south-east direction takes the maximum benefit of useful sun rays which keeps food items bacteria free and clean. However, there are a few otheraspects as well. In Indian climate condition, the wind flows from west to east in more than 80% area and more than 75% time in a year.So if the cook faces east, the harmful hot and oily air will pass through the kitchen without touching or affecting the human being’s tender parts like eyes, nose, breath organs etc. However, if the user faces west, north or south, it will roam around the cooking person which can affect his health adversely. Similarly, it suggests to keep heavy storage places along south or western walls since it will protect the kitchen and cook from harmful afternoon’s infrared (UV-3) radiations from the sun. Vastu always advise good light and light colors inside the kitchen so that any unwanted or unhygienic particles or insects can easily be traced out.Below is the sample layout of a kitchen which aligns with Vastu principles:


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