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Vastu Friendly Interiors


Dr. Anand Bhardwaj

Vedic concept of Vastu Shastra has a close relation with all round comfort of mankind. It gives us insight to analyse the quantum and moment of vibrations in and around a building structure meant for residential or commercial use. In modern era, the requirements, selection and utilisation of each object are fast changing with the transition of status, needs and comforts of human being. Hence, in modern architecture we find the vivid aspects of interior designing & decoration. Certainly those ideas may be good for a change but always these innovations shall give us positive vibrations largely depend upon the basic fundamentals of Vastu. Though all the elements of ancient Vedic science look to be difficult to incorporate in our modern life but the ‘essence’ of those principles is still equally meaningful. The actual feelings can be defined as vibrational analysis in two different buildings when we find soothing eco in one premise and poorer in the other. Why it happens so. Definitely as a common person it is difficult for us to search the right answer, but for Vastu point of view, it is easy to define the hidden cause defining our mood. In today’s scenario there can be many aspects to bring good feelings in a house or an office, but if we can ponder upon few Vastu guidelines for our interiors, it may be a wise step.


Shapes: The shape of each room should be a regular one. It can be square or rectangular. Sometimes we find that in order to utilise a particular area of lobby, room, store, staircase or other extra corners we prefer to have it inside the room. Such decision may cause the uneven movement of energy vibrations, thus causes an inexpressible discomfort at the time of using it in routine. Vastu always talk about free flow of positivity, which lacks in uneven area. In case if one has already such room that has five or more corners, it can be concealed at the time of doing wooden interiors. In this course, one can have a big Almirah, showcase, cabinet or cupboard so that the extended portion is fully concealed. Thus the room can be perfectly Vastu friendly. We should always avoid the extended corners. Similarly, the cut corners also hinder the free flow of positive vibrations inside an area. If we have an already constructed house, flat, office or other premises that has a cut corner, it can be rectified by dividing that extended area into two different rooms out of which the uneven area or partition can be used for secondary purposes like a toilet or storage. Similarly reduced or cut corners are also negative in Vastu science. Such situation can also be handled by bifurcation. But if there is no way to bi-sect this area, we should use a focus light on cut corner. This is an east way to get rid of this Vastu defect. In such a case when the cut corner lies in north, east or north-eastern directions, using a full sized mirror is a good remedy to cure such Vastu flaw.


Colours: The key purpose of using colours in the interior is to fill up that area with positive feelings. It is a true that different person chooses different colour to decorate a single area. This may largely depend upon his personal liking or requirement but as per Vastu tenets each colour plays a vital role in defining the energy vibrations. According to Vastu science white, off white and cream are the universal colour that always boost up the positive energies inside the interiors, but in order to break the monotony, all the light or pastel colours may be used in the interiors. For painting the walls black, dark brown & dark grey are not preferred in Vastu, but each wooden objects can be of brown or similar colours. All the real wood colours can be used on doors, Almirah as well as furniture according to Vastu Shastra & similarly black can be used for iron grills, gate & other similar metallic things. Always avoid hot colours like red, maroon and orange in north and north-eastern directions whereas these are excellent in south & south east because these are fire corners in the terminology of Vastu. Being water corner, never use these colours in entire north and north eastern area or rooms. However, blue, yellow & light green are Vastu friendly in north 7 north-eastern sectors of the premise. According to Vastu, pink is the best colour for a newly wed couple.


Ceilings: Today, false ceilings are very much in vogue. One cause of it may be proper utilisation of air conditioning, fire proofing, and heat proofing or hiding hanging beams or columns. Certainly there is no harm of doing so but take precautions while getting a design in your bedroom that the ceiling area upon our entire bed should be plain and flat. There should be no plus or minus design or waves in the ceiling upon our body while lying in the bed. On the other hand, we can have any type of ceiling design in drawing room or lobby. Except bed side, all the other three walls sides & adjoining ceilings inside any bedroom can be designer one. Similarly, avoid such up or down designs upon the study chair of your dear ones.


Furniture: One can use the size of the furniture in the interior as per his financial status and requirements. But as per Vastu principles, always keep the light furniture in whole northern and/ or eastern part of any room like bedroom, drawing or a family lounge and heavy furniture in western and southern area. Vastu does not appreciate the wrought iron furniture, especially beds because metal is a good conductor of energies, that may drain the human body energy if used as bed, hence avoid it. Secondly, the tables should either be square or rectangular in shape with rounded corners. The pointed corners are known to be ‘Shar-chi’ as per interior Vastu. Walnut furniture can also be used in the room be it a bedroom or drawing or a lobby. It is equally positive for offices too. Always try to set the interior of the drawing room in such a way that we should face east or north while attending the guest. If followed these guidelines, one shall always be in a better position to influence the others. This may prove to be a golden idea for the businessmen attending their clients or customers in the office as well as at their residence too.


Lights: According to the Sanskrit Shloka ‘Tam-so-ma-jyotirgamay’ we desire lights not the dark because dark symbolises negativity & light denotes positivity. Vastu appreciates the soothing lights. Chandeliers are considered to be a source of strong positive vibrations for interiors. But if we have it, it should be free from dust & be used each day, be it used for a short period. If we have a light for study, it should neither be at the back, nor in the front, nor at the right side but it is best appreciated and considered Vastu friendly if used at the left wall near study table. Avoid using red bulb in the bedroom for using as a night lamp because red increases the ‘Fire’ element inside the bedroom and may cause aggressiveness between the couple. Natural, blue & green are Vastu friendly lights for bed room for using as a night bulb.


Flooring: White marble, clay, all light stones, wooden flooring, Kota stone, chips and natural cement colours are positive for floorings as per Vastu. Black, dark brown and dark grey are not preferred in flooring in Vastu wisdom. However, brown colour is good if we use wooden flooring. In many houses and commercial sites, the carpets are also used. Vastu does not recommend to use floor carpets because it gathers dust, insects, bacteria, germs and of course bad odour called negativities in the terminology of scientific Vastu. But if one has a strong liking for floor carpets, use it in a very small area and keep on vacuuming it. Dry cleaning to it may help to keep the negativities at a bay. Plastic, toxic resin, chemicals, metal and fibres are considered to be negative for use in floorings in Vastu science.


Posters & paintings: All the natural paintings and sceneries symbolise positivity in Vastu thoughts. If one uses poster of rising sun, it should be on the eastern wall. The paintings of river, ocean, water fountains etc. should be on northern wall inside the drawing room or lobby. Do not use water posters and painting inside the bedroom lest it may cause serious disturbance in sound sleep. Family photographs should be used on southern wall in the bedrooms whereas children poses and photographs are best to be on western wall. A collarge of family functions emit positive vibrations on the southern and western walls in the family lounge and drawing room. All the clocks should be used on eastern or northern walls but not upon or in front of any door. Similarly, new year’s calendar enhance positivity if used on north and east directions. God’s poses are not good to use in bedrooms.


Beautifying the interiors: Think of beautiful mountains, springs, plants & valleys. They have the positive virtues to bring pleasure to all of us. Vastu, the art of positioning and placement emphasises to decorate the interior with posters and Sceneries that depict the constructive and positive impacts on our mind. On the other hand, obscene, cruel scenes, painful poses of ill, poor, distressed person like beggar, jail, war scenes, weeping faces, ruins etc. may create the negative vibration in an abode. One can use romantic posters in the bed rooms, children’ poses in western direction, water & blue colour scenes in north and greenery/ jungle scenes on eastern walls to fill the internal atmosphere with charm and progressive thoughts. Never use any articles that are made of animal parts like ivory, horns, animal bones, nails or skin. They all bring bad luck for the inmates, says Vastu science. Remember; Vastu is nothing but living in harmony with nature. More links are on my websites-Learn Vastu online, Learn Vastu offline, Learn Vastu in my home, Learn Vastu neay residence, Learn Vastu, Learn Vastu, Learn Vastu in my locality, Learn Vastu for earning, Learn Vastu by best, Learn Vastu by best vastu sastri, Learn Vastu by the guru, Learn Vastu guru ji, Learn Vastu best teaching, Learn Vastu thru best instructor, Learn Vastu   dr., Learn Vastu Dr.   ji, Learn Vastu In Gurgaon, Learn Vastu In delhi, Learn Vastu In new delhi, 

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