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Keeping Fit With Vastu


Dr. Anand Bhardwaj

M.A., MBA, Ph.D (Socio), Ph.D (Vastu), D.Sc. (Vastu)

Director: International Institute of Vaidic Culture (Regd),

12, DDA Market, Sarita Vihar, New Delhi-110076 (INDIA)


Jeevet  Shardah Shatam

(I pray Almighty to bless me an age of hundred healthy years).


This may be an old Sanskrit saying but it is of the great significance in today’s context. Everyone has a strong aspiration to live a long healthy life but this phenomena is challenged by modern life style, industrialisation, vehicular pollution, excess use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides etc. in vegetable, fruits and fodder farming. These toxins indirectly reach into human body and make it detrimental. There is one more cause which is related to our living place i.e. combination and permutations of flow of positive and negative vibrations in and around our dwelling area. This is the issue on which Vastu has to unveil few alarming facts about modernised way of living.


Healthy house & healthy body complement each other:


A healthy mind lives in a healthy body & a healthy body lives in a healthy house. There are numerous ways to keep ourselves healthy but there are few methodologies which are not much common in the light of modernity, but they are of great importance like Yogic Kriya i.e. Pranayam, Reiki, Kundilini Jagran, Pranic Healing, meditation & Upwas (fasting) etc. These processes are closely linked with occult methods been in vogue in olden times in most of the geographic regions worldwide. Vastu is a Vedic science that lays down few principles to create a healthy environment. Before imagination of a healthy house, we shall have to ponder upon those key points which define a house to be healthy. Given below are few main points to keep the abode healthy:


  • Let the house breathe: We shall care of this crucial factor only if we consider a house to be a living organism. One may have come across the words like life-energy & deadly vibrations. Certainly one may feel delighted while entering into a small house, a hut or similar little cottages but on the contrary, he may feel suffocated in a huge Banglow. Why it happens? It is due to the effect of presence or quantum of life-energy in a particular premise. To make our house healthy, we must have a proper arrangement of air circulation. Just feel at the time of morning breeze that the house seems to be breathing happily. Excess dark and no ventilation are often the causes of our illness. Thanks to the qualified architects who never compromise on cross ventilation for bedrooms. Shortage of space, increase of population and soaring land prices have added fire to space scarcity & in want of space adjustment, people have gradually covered all the open spaces like front & rear courtyards, Varandah, Chowk, porch, open shafts and domes. This has resulted into turning the concrete structures into suffocated walled areas and this entire suffocation is transferred to human being, making him unhealthy. Of late many people narrate that they feel cheerful in office or other areas whereas they feel tense and irritation in their own house. Just look at the house very minutely keeping the above Vastu guidelines in mind. If this seems to be one of the causes, just try to open more windows, ventilators and doors.


  • Space to be enjoyed by us: If we notice that the mood, health and temperaments of the family members are not in tune to the family’s harmony, just check each nook and corner of the house. There may be some negligence on our part. Sometimes we let the house become a cluttered one or a mini scrap yard by ignoring the dumping of empty useless bottles, torn off tyres, broken furniture, old news papers, crack mirrors and glasses, cartons, wood or stones. This we would have done in view of using them some day or thought to settle it to scrap dealer etc. on some holiday. But practically it never happened. We should give our house due respect by maintaining it neat and clean, then only it will care for us.


  • Interior related factors: In today’s context when the size of rooms has narrowed down, it is advised to use light colours in the interiors of the room. This shall not only give a feel of grandness but also it will help in saving the electricity bill. Reduction in using the electricity shall result into controlling the excess electro-magnetic radiations, which shall forward the better living conditions and better health. The EMR above .7 mili gauss is really hazardous to body cells, heart, skin and soft body-tissues. Therefore try to keep all the electric & electronic gadgets at a maximum distance. Mobile phone, charger, stabiliser, TV, fridge, computer and room heater are few of the items which are not necessary to keep in close to our bed. So avoid each negative thing that you can.


  •  Managing the bedroom: Just check your head direction while sleeping. Try to keep your head in south as a first preference. If not possible, then east & west pointed head is also good, but never have the head in north while sleeping lest the same-pole detraction phenomena shall not only hinder the sound sleep but also impose an unconscious strain on heart. This is due to the scientific cause in which the northern pole of the earth reacts with the north pole of human body i.e. head. upper pole of everything on this earth is a north pole, so is our head. Presence of iron in our blood is also responsible for the strain on heart while sleeping in a same position for hours together. The second factor is to care for the neatness inside the bedroom. What happen when the floor, cabinets, side tables, almirah etc. are found to be over burdened and mismanaged? It also be a cause of unnecessary tension and a hindrance to sound sleep. It is our sleep that plays a vital role in our output of the next day & it is the output of the next day that is the reward of our perseverance turning into financial gains. Needless to say that a financially sound family can easily afford the good food stuff like fruits, pulses, vegetables etc. of superior quality that too helps us attaining good health.


  • Welcome the energetic dawn: Morning sunrays have the wavelength of 320 nanometres which has a natural virtue like a disinfectant. It helps killing the harmful bacteria, germs and other such negativities. Flies & mosquitoes also like dark corners. Hence, to make the house healthy, it is essential to welcome the rising sun. It is surveyed that the people of east facing house get up early in the morning. These rays have strong virtue to cure against the jaundice also. It has plenty of vitamin ‘D’ that is very useful for making the human body energetic, useful to eyes and skin. If one has a south facing house, then there is a strong possibility of getting ultraviolet 2 & 3 (UV-2 & UV-3) rays, harmful to the human body cells. Such houses should use black glasses & heavy curtains on the windows & doors located in south. Secondly, afternoon sunrays heat up the objects upto so much extent that the Albedo effect causes the generation of infrared rays that has a burning quality. So one should give some attention to welcome the rising sun. vastu consultants in Delhi, Vastu consultants in gurgaon, best vastu consultants in delhi, best vastu consultants in gurgaon, learn vastu in delhi, vastu consultants, vastu consultant,  Vastu consultant Learn vastu, vastu consultants in Delhi, Vastu consultants in Gurgaon , best vastu consultants in delhi, learn vastu in gurgaon, vastu consultant, vastu consultants, vastu consultant, Vastu

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