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By: Dr. Anand Bhardwaj

“We would like to disclose our internal problem, but please don’t let our only son know that we had shared this personal matter with you. It shall be better if you recommend something to cure it in such a way that it should not be visible or felt by him (their son)” was the very first request of my client last week at Gurgaon. The dear one of the above middle aged couple had turned absolutely against his parents during last 18 months and the cause was not known to them. Another acquaintance of mine had a severe problem of indiscipline in his abode since the younger son had become short tempered during last one year only, whereas he was always tagged with a compliment of being too sober, sincere, caring and disciplined young guy till July, 2001. Can anyone imagine the family’s harmony if any of the modern short & nuclear family turns to be beyond control ?


The impact of Vaastu disbalances can also be noticed in industrial Organisation where the subordinates try to side-line the superiors and they start reacting antagonistically and baffle on each petty matter. “It may be great to push people out without even listening them, but it’s certainly greater to maintain courage to listen them”.


Wait before you loose temper next time ! There could be something else responsible for the same that acts like a catalyst by hiding itself and often makes you hot and blocks your mindset to improve your temperaments. Don’t let it govern your brain, heart & soul. Please re-look at your “FIRE” direction i.e. “AGNEYA” corner as defined in previous issues. In VAASTU SHASTRA all the Four directions i.e. East, West, North & South have their another four sub-directions i.e. North-east, North-west, South-west & South-east. The main characteristic of South-east direction is to deal with the “HEAT” element.    


Phenomena of Five Elements :- According to our ancient Indian art of Vaastu Shastra, whole of the creation is made up of five major elements namely Water, Fire, Air, Earth & Space and accordingly these are the main components that are the fundamentals of our existence in the universe. With reference to the basis of human life, our body also reflects to these five macro elements, that’s why if our body looses any one out of these, it comes to an end. We all know that every thing that has its existence in our world, our building or in our body, requires its area to be clearly defined and if the same is missing, what shall happen?  Each missing element shall try to search its place in the area occupied by the other one and the fight shall end with the defeat of any one element. In such cases the defeated element shall either try to explore its place else where or shall try to influence and overpower the living being placed in its territory. That is why VAASTU always advises to define the area for Water, Air, Earth, Fire and space. 


I have experienced a number of cases where the younger son or daughter placed in the “Agni Disha” had suddenly become hot tempered within short period of time. If you have placed yourself in this direction, there are chances of your becoming short tempered in a short span of time. VAASTU advises to either shift the placement or shift your bed by sliding towards ‘VAYAVYA’, ‘ISHAAN’ or to “NAIRUTYA” corner as per your family’s hierarchy and family set-up. Likewise if the bedroom of your child is in “FIRE” corner, it shall be a wise decision to shift him to another room. It is always better late than never. So don’t delay & take immediate remedial cures before it become the nature of your sweet child. In the chain of 1) Mistake,  2) Habit,   3) Nature and 4) Culture, try to grab the root of a problem in infancy stage i.e. “Mistake” to place in FIRE area lest it shall be a bit difficult to control if it turns to “habit” of loosing temper. The same shall rather be very difficult when it enters the stage of “nature” and almost impossible to change if it enters the territory of “culture”. Therefore act now & save your blood pressure to shoot up on trifle matters lest the minor matter may turn to be an issue.


Business houses may have employees conflicts problems due to wrong positioning and placement of their employees. There could be frequent break-down in machinery if they are placed in Agneya and of course there remains each possibility of arguments with the clients / customers if you have a reception in FIRE. So redefine the area for fire elements and never place your sensitive assets like valuable human resources, costly machines, money box, account books or articles with cool nature, rather exploit this natural power by putting hot items here.  


Try to avoid other physical negativities by maintaining sanctity of POOJA place, study area, business dealing area etc. putting adverse effect on inmates and try multiple remedies / cures to ward-off the same defined in VAASTU-SHASTRA. There can be a number of inauspicious energies being invited by many houses/ business houses unknowingly or they simply overlooked or ignored the VAASTU’s crucial & high valued aspect. In fact, VAASTU guides you to get the lifetime benefits by harnessing the abandoned energies, present in the universe. So why not to use them for our multiple comforts without any major investment.Vastu Consultant in delhi, Vastu expert in delhi, Vastu consultants in delhi, Vastu consultant for home, Vastu consultants in Gurgaon

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