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Vastu for career, Vastu for future, Vastu for education, Vastu for Service, Vastu for Job, Vastu for engagement- Take Honest advice from the world's leader in Vastu



Gone are the days when Vaastu consultants were confined to the typical and traditional methodology of providing guideline of surgical operation of partial building structure in order to reduce or remove negative vibrations. This could be possible with a joint constructive contribution of Vaastu Shastra, Pyramidology, Home Remedies & Fengshui.


During Vaastu visit-at-site, I find sufficient possibilities to control negative vibrations in a house, business premises, showroom or other similar structures through constructive Vaastu techniques and it is advised to further boost the Yang Chi (positive energy) through Fengshui, but when I start talking about remedies through Fengshui, the Chinese Vaastu, often I observe a silent question mark on the faces of my clients because for them it senses to be difficult to digest that there exists a similar or parallel science in other parts of the world like China, that deals with the interior designing and decoration and may suggest multiple remedies to energise the premises by diverting negativity, but I strongly believe that one must be open minded enough to accept and adopt global knowledge, if it can be helpful to us.


So far as the direction of knowledge is concerned, there is no difference of opinion between Vaastu, Fengshui & Pyramidology. The Ishaan corner, located in the most auspicious direction i.e. North-east of the building premises is defined to be the corner of knowledge, wisdom & education. Therefore in Vaastu Shastra it is advised to determine the study area in North-east, facing towards rising sun i.e. East or alternatively in North direction. However, as soon as our child comes in higher classes and as parents we become more and more concerned about his/ her career, it shall be better to face in North. In fengshui too, North direction is meant for career. Any suitable light colour like cream, off-white, pale-cream etc. are the best suited colours for North-east. Fengshui advises to place a dragon tortoise in the north direction of study room, which may further boost career prospects.  The word ‘CAREER’ is not limited to students only but for each person it is perfectly meaningfulVastu for career, Vastu for future, Vastu for education, Vastu for Service, Vastu for Job, Vastu for engagement- Take Honest advice from the world's leader in Vastu


I appreciate the ambitious guys who are always caring for their better future prospects. For them, career means excellent business achievements, promotion, trade recognition, identity, goodwill of boss as well as colleagues. It also concerns about climbing up career ladder with success through perseverance and other possible creative & constructive means. Vastu consultants in delhi, Vastu consultant for home, Vastu consultants in Gurgaon, Vastu services in delhi, Vastu Consultants in Delhi, Vastu expert in Gurgaon, Vastu in hindi, Vastu Shastra Consultants in Noida, Vastu for stairs, Best Vastu Experts in Delhi, Vastu experts in gurugram, Vastu services in Gurgaon, Top vastu expert, vastu consultant in  NH-1, vastu consultant in  NH-2, vastu consultant in  Mehrauli, vastu consultant in  mehrali road. Besides setting the study table in the above cited directions, the real-crystal (clear crystal quartz or rose quartz) with perfect base & apex dimensions may shine the career prospects if placed in the North-east corner of the study table. A small bowl of crystal glass may also be used for placing petty stationery items like rubber, pencil, colours etc. but avoid using the same bowl for sharp-edged items like blades, pins, knife etc. Vaastu suggests to keep your study area light and tidy.


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