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Vastu For Bramha Sthan: Brahmasthan is an important and significant part of plot which should be kept vacant and free from any construction

Vastu For Bramha Sthan: Brahmasthan is an important and significant part of plot which should be kept vacant and free from any construction

Why?  It is the main centre of any plot from where Vastu directions are determined which makes it extremely important point. According to Vastu this area of plot should be fixed for open space with no construction because Brahmasthan is the root of energies that are dispersed to every corner and surrounding of plot. So construction in the centre of plot means blocking the main energy that keeps a living place lively.

Brahmasthan is considered as powerful & holy zone in the house represented which is as scared as Ishaan zone (North-east) that is why it is immensely important to keep centre non-obstructive and tidy to better inflow of energies. Brahmasthan or middle zone of house should be kept free from things/objects, clean and if possible sky open just like a courtyard or open balcony. An open courtyard or centre brings all kind of riches and prosperity to occupants if followed accordingly Vastu.
Vastu and Brahmasthan:

Centre of house can be easily discerned by dividing the plot in eight directions and the middle part of plot should be considered as Brahmasthan.

Centre portion of plot can be used as courtyard and main hall can also be constructed here.

Avoid constructing toilet, bathroom or septic tank in the Brahmasthan.
Avoid making Kitchen in the centre place because fire in Brahmasthan can bring undesirable affects to occupants.

Avoid staircase in the centre of house instead any kind of construction leave it open for relaxing or meditation.

There should be no beam in the centre of the house.

Avoid sleeping in the middle of the house.

Store room, arches or other construction should be avoided in Brahmasthan

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