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Dr. Anand Bhardwaj

M.A., MBA, Ph.D (Socio), Ph.D (Vastu), D.Sc. (Vastu)

Director: International Institute of Vaidic Culture (Regd),

12, DDA Market, Sarita Vihar, New Delhi-110076 (INDIA)

Our universe is directed, controlled & balanced with a number of cosmic energies recognised by the names like momentum, gravitational force, magnetic pole, wind, water, solar energies etc. Of course few of them are clearly visible or felt by us whereas most of them are confined to the scientific instruments and labs etc. due to the nature of their existence or presence related facts, mostly recognised as abstract noun. For example one can’t feel the magnetic force whereas the simple compass can easily reveal it. Similarly one can’t judge the movement of the earth around its imaginary axis whereas astronomical instruments can very well show this phenomena. You may surprise to know that our earth moves at a speed of about 1700 K.M. per hour but we never make it out whereas if you travel by a vehicle at even 170 K.M. per hour, it gives an impact of very fast rolling & feeling of flying. If we can inhale all the positive energies from this huge natural treasure for our multiple benefits, we can be in a better position to turn the weather in our favour be it a matter of gains for our health, wealth, social recognition, family’s harmony or improving our personality.


Symmetry plays a vital role: Have you ever thought about the natural beauty & its secret? It’s symmetry that attracts us & we admire the various things like symmetrically arranged petals in a flower, the trees balanced at both sides, the butterfly with both identical wings, the design & colour combination in beautiful birds, positioning of eyes, ears etc. at human face, limbs and other similar examples seen in cross/ vertical section of fruits, vegetables etc. In the same way, Vaastu advises to maintain a symmetry and proper balance in the abode i.e. it should preferably be in a regular size and shape. Similarly rooms inside the building should also be the same way. No corner should be acute or obtuse angle and there should be no side-cuts. If you live in such a place which is multi-corners, multi walls or multi dimensions, it may effect your attitude, behaviour and way of thinking adversely which may reflect in terms of rigid behaviour, aggressive attitude and harsh or rude nature. If one stays in such a negative structure for a long period of time; love, affection, romance and physical charm also try to maintain a distance from him.


Beautifying the interiors: Think of beautiful mountains, springs, plants & valleys. They have the positive virtues to bring pleasure to all of us. Fengshui, the Chinese art of positioning and placement emphasises to decorate the interior with posters and Sceneries that depict the constructive and positive impacts on our mind. On the other hand, cruel scenes, painful poses of ill, poor, distressed person like beggar, jail, war scenes etc. may create the negative vibration in an abode which may tern the inmates too that way. We can use romantic posters in our bed rooms, children’ poses in western direction, water & blue colour scenes in north and greenery/ jungle scenes on eastern walls to fill the internal atmosphere with charm, excitement, pleasure and creatively progressive thoughts.


Purifying the inner-self: Often industrialists, businessmen, house owners and land lords call Vaastu, Fengshui and Pyramids consultants to get their buildings & other workplace surveyed from Vaastu angle, initiate an early action on priority basis and start from the factors that can easily be modified. During my extensive experience I have concluded that though people are very much concerned about obtaining multiple comforts from this age old Indian knowledge, but they are almost ignorant about their personal Vaastu. Today, every second person is well aware of the life long advantages of right placement and positioning inside a concrete premises according to Vaastushastra and we frequently come across  a lot of clients who have the basic knowledge of all the ten directions and their supportive as well as negative impacts on human life as defined in Vaastu. Not only this, they had started taking benefits from the positive Vaastu by way of initiating petty steps and by making small alterations. They are well versed with the scientific facet of the same. The awareness of Vaastu, Fengshui & Pyramidology in new generation is very much apparent.


As per Vaastu, all the main directions & their sub directions including earth and space put their respective impacts according to their significance on all the family members, which is very closely concerned with their area of occupation and placements. No doubt that adaptation of all positive energies bless us good health, wealth and physical comforts in our house & business both, but our personal Vaastu also has its concrete contribution in deciding our life’s comforts, one’s personality traits and family’s total harmony. In Vaastu Shastra, we emphasise on maintaining our ISHAAN direction’s sanctity, i.e. North-east corner, as this is the most sensitive, holy & auspicious area of each premises from where the multiple auspicious  cosmic energies travel from Ishaan to Nairutya. Likewise, our head, heart & soul are placed in the ISHAAN direction of our body, i.e. top, head and left side while facing to sun direction. Those who have the in-depth spiritual knowledge about the Sahasradalpada, Agyachakra & Vishudhachakra in a practice of Kundili Jagran,  do very well realise the pain and hindrances one may face due to blockage of energy movement from Mooladhar to  ‘Bramha Randhra’, caused because of inauspicious thoughts and similar deliberate violent actions which impurify our head , heart & soul.   


It is the general method to get the Vaastu advice for the premises to get all the major Vaastu defects rectified best suited to the requirements of all the inmates and looking ahead to the better future prospects but it shall be far better if we could re-arrange our building’s Vaastu & personal Vaastu in such a way that they move on the same wavelength. Here, by personal Vaastu I mean that not only our premises, rooms, shops or other such buildings adhere to the Vaastu advice but also we must peep into ourselves if there are few negativities in our inner self. We must contemplate if our heart, mind or soul is burdened with some scrap because it is very easy for us to get away with all the negative elements/ objects like scrap etc. from our house by calling a scrap dealer (kabaari) and get rid of it, but throwing away our internal / mental scrap is also equally essential.


Mental scrap constitutes the feelings of enmity, anger, revenge or complaints against others. Besides, inferiority complex, superiority complex, personal ego, lack of self confidence are also negative objects that could spoil our heart and soul. The memories of painful incidents of the past, bad feelings about someone, notorious or destructive thoughts etc. too block our growth and make our life painful. The sum total of all the above negativities cause mind blockage, make us cruel, depressed, narrow minded, negative and pessimist. That’s why I recommend that whenever you get a Vaastu advice for your house, industrial Organisations, shops or other business establishments, do give enough attention on improving your personal Vaastu too. The perseverance, honesty, love, trust, co-operation, knowledge and patriotism etc. are the ornaments of our inner self that enhances our inner beauty exactly like we use beautiful plants, fancy focus lights, essence sticks, religious rituals etc. to ward-off negative energy from our abode.


Aligning face to the direction of ‘Beauty’: East is the direction of lord Sun & Indra with a capacity to bless us with the quality of life, perfect texture of our skin with moisture & dry air. Therefore try to receive these positive cosmic vibrations from east by facing to the sun in cool & calm hours in the early morning, i.e. initial fifteen minutes at the time of rising of sun. This is the time when the ratio between ultraviolet & infrared is so perfectly balanced that can boost the body energy manifold. In our religious activities too, offering the water to the rising sun is appreciated for its miraculous blending of purifying our body which in turn purifies our body cells & ‘Personal Aura’. In this process the water is taken in a small round shaped metal vessel, preferably made of copper or brass, held in both hands with face aligned to east, the rising sun & it is flowed slowly at a height above the head level. While passing through the water-stream, morning sun rays constitute a VIBGYOR on the devotee’s whole body because the rays pass through the fine curtain of water which is filled with all the virtues & qualities of a very strong natural crystal. This is one of the strongest mean to get advantage from natural source to ornament the physique because our body responds to the nature through five sense organs i.e. eyes, nose, ears, tongue & skin which are made of numerous body-cells, which, if aligned perfectly to the positive directions of east, we shall be blessed with the enhanced aureola.


Appreciating the beauties: We should contemplate various ways to  ward-off negative vibrations from our abode and remain cheerful as much as possible. Try to find the positive factors in all the situations, even if it seems to be adverse at a glance. One must admire the beauty in person whether a handsome man, a beautiful woman, a creature like pets, plants, buildings. This shall provide you the instant relaxation, which in tern shall help to stretch-out the wrinkles & blemishes from your face, making you more young & smart. If you think positive, it reflects on your face. All beautiful things are freely present in the nature & one must try to enjoy them. The inner glow which appears on the face adds to help you maintaining your physique. The pure water placed in Ishaan corner located in North-east may work as the positive water charged with the direction of cool and supportive stars like Moon, Mercury & Jupiter. Using the same each early morning may bless with perfect health and god-gifted unmatchable built.


The Fengshui tips : Male symbolises the YANG  and female stands for YIN. Therefore the man can have a better personality by having the Yang symbols whereas the female can get the enhanced beauty by having more Yin but a balance between Yang & Yin is also very crucial as the universe gets the perfection by having both of the energies. For example dark complexes people may look better by adding few light colours while selecting the apparels, make-up material which can further be energised by placing a rose-quartz pyramid upon the cupboard where the above are placed.


Using Mirrors the Positive way:- Those in the profession of beauty parlours, slimming centres, gyms, manufacturing of cosmetics should place the mirrors on east or north walls, facing to west and south respectively so that the user faces to the positive directions, good for personality improvement. The oval or round shaped mirrors can be used for individual cabins. Never have blurred or crack mirror or glasses anywhere in the premises. The outlined or framed mirrors are always better than the mirrors without frames.  One can use the above Vaastu formulae to get benefits for enhancing the outer & inner human beauty & for better personality. Vastu courses, Vastu, Vastu shastra, Vastu learning, Vastu teaching, Vastu class, Vastu course, Vastu courses, Vastu courses shastra, Vastu class, Certified Vastu classes, Vastu classes, Ph D In Vastu, Vastu education, Vastu certificate, Vastu courses, Vastu consultant, Vastu consultants, Vastu consultancy, Vastu consultancy service, Vastu consultant in delhi, Vastu consultants in delhi

Dr. Anand Bhardwaj

M.A., MBA, Ph.D (Socio), Ph.D (Vastu), D.Sc. (Vastu)

Director: International Institute of Vaidic Culture (Regd),

12, DDA Market, Sarita Vihar, New Delhi-110076 (INDIA)

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