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Vastu Courses: After successful completion of each course, you shall receive the ‘CERTIFICATE”

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All courses are open for admission. So if you are interested and found eligible, you can pay the fees and get your ‘Unique Permanent Registration Number’. All the modules shall be sent to you online & you have to reply all question papers through email or through post/ courier.

After successful completion of each course, you shall receive the ‘CERTIFICATE” under the seal & signatures of Director- Dr. Anand Bhardwaj & Yours course co-ordinator. The certificate shall be different in size, colour and details for each course and each level. If you score more than 85% marks, you shall get a “Certificate of Excellence”. Each certificate shall bear a folder of booklet by Dr Anand Bhardwaj with detailed Vastu guidelines.

We are not affiliated with any university or board or institute. We are freelancer Vastu training centre. Our certificates are based on knowledge, art, hobby related, hence it carries no value for any Government of any country worldwide.

The contents of each course are already given on the website. Just click on

Please see the details on our website and fill up the admission form online. No fee shall have to be paid by you on submitting the admission form.

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