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Vastu Brain Storming Exercise: Mr. ABC is constructing his new house of 400 square meters. Where to locate the drawing room if the house is south facing.

Vastu Brain Storming Exercise: Mr. ABC is constructing his new house of 400 square meters. Where to locate the drawing room if the house is south facing.


Being a south facing house I will locate the drawing room in the south-east direction (fire corner) of the house. Since the house is south facing so there are some negative points in terms of placing the drawing room as per Vastu norms. They are as follows:

[1] If the main entrance door is to be placed at an auspicious location then it is not feasible to locate the drawing room at the best Vastu options like north-west or north-east because generally a drawing room near the main entrance door is more convenient for easy access. As per Vastu tenets the south-east direction is the last option for a drawing room.

[2] At the upper floors the main entrance door cannot be placed at the auspicious location for easy access of the drawing room rather it comes at the negative location.

[3] Since the drawing room is to be placed in the fire corner so the environment will not be soothing in the drawing room. Moreover, any constructive discussion is not preferable in this direction.

[4] Being a south facing house large and open balcony in the front of the drawing room is not recommended as per Vastu tenets. The balcony is preferred to be covered.

[5] Being a south facing house the front side is always hotter and no flow of positive energy is received from the front side of the drawing room as well as the building.

[6] The guests or out siders will not be less staying in this south-east drawing room. They may stick and overplay the familys role and the family may get hampered.

Of course, one who desires can detain the guests for long time in this south-east drawing room and this is the positive point for them.

Mr. ABC can energize the drawing room by the following ways:

[1] At the entrance just after getting in the drawing room he can use the normal sitting pose of Lord Ganesha, auspicious symbols like „Om, Swastik, Mangal Kalash, welcoming portraits and paintings or similar symbols according to his religion or belief.

[2] Using a fengshui Show piece like “Laughing Buddha he can enhance the positive energy in the drawing room.

[3] He can energize his drawing room by hanging a beautiful metallic wind chime having 6 pipes in silver, golden or light grey colour which create pleasant sound. [4] Since south-east represents the junction of Shukra (the planet „Venus) and Mangal( the hot-tempered planet „Mars) so painting the walls with hot colours like red, orange, dark yellow and texture of mixed colours he can energize the drawing room. Moreover, illuminating the drawing room with beautiful light, fancy lights and chandeliers he also can energize the drawing room.

[5] He can energize the drawing room by placing and positioning the furniture and other interiors as per Vastu norms. Moreover, he can also energize the drawing room if he never cluttered it with unusable things with variant contrast and decorate the room with minimum necessary things that are pleasant.

{A floor plan regarding this house is attached separately considering the length and width of the supper area of the floor as 22 meter( 72 ft. approx.) and 18 meter(60ft. approx.) respectively.}

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