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VAASTU Softens Your Abode” By: The world class Vastu Guru- Dr. Anand Bhardwaj

VAASTU  Softens Your Abode

 By: The world class Vastu Guru- Dr. Anand Bhardwaj

Change is an inevitable part of human life. While leading a fast life, generally what we do is as per our convenience in given circumstances & within the limited geographical boundaries. I have experienced that generally the concrete contribution of all the directions is ignored unknowingly while making a change in our house or business premises in order to utilise the space which counts a lot in deciding our fortune i.e. our prosperity, happiness, health, mental peace, stress, agony, growth & development.


Directions’ impacts: All the five elements (fire, air, water, earth & space) play an important role in a building or construction of a house or a  workplace & they start giving their impact from day one. Whereas on one hand ISHAAN direction is very auspicious for holy & positive energies, the NAIRUT corner plays a vital role in the life of the “Chief Of The Family” or the well being of “Main Earning Hand”. Clash of “Fire” direction & water element may lead to family disputes on trivial matters thus creating unnecessary tensions.


Business premises & residence jointly effect: : Recently I visited one business premises which was well laid as per the requirements of business owner. It was west facing industry but there was no other business premises on the other hand. Caught-up in BABOOL shrubs from two directions it had started causing problems to the owner, since they (babool trees) came into existence, giving a deserted look. Another factor & troubling aspects was traced out to see the ISHAAN  angle burdened with two-Hs, i.e. heaviest & highest built up in April 1999 and it was the time after when the owner gradually kept on burying in debts & became restless with severe tensions. vastu remedies for health problems, Best Vaastu Consultants in Bangalore, vastu dosh remedies for north east toilet, Top Vastu Experts in Bangalore, t junction house vastu remedies, vaastu remedies for your home, Top Most Vastu Consultants in India, vastu bathroom remedies, vastu colour tips for kitchen, Best Vastu Expert in Delhi, vastu crystal remedies, vastu defects and remedies pdf, vastu dosh remedies for kitchen, vastu dosh remedies for south facing house, House Vastu Consultants in Delhi,Vastu for Flats, vastu dosh remedies for toilet, vastu dosh remedies for west facing, Best Vastu Directions of Kitchen, house, vastu dosh remedies, vastu dosha remedies pdf, vastu kitchen remedies, vastu related tips, vastu remedies bedroom north east, vastu remedies, Bedroom north west, vastu remedies bedroom, vastu remedies books, Carrying with us all the day’s business tensions to our house may naturally lead to total destruction of family peace. In such a situation, the life seems to be full of  tensions & agonies.

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