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The senior most should be placed in the most dominating direction & junior to be in the secondary directions.

The senior most should be placed in the most dominating direction & junior to be in the secondary directions.


As per Vastu tenets the south-west direction or the ‘Nairutya’ corner within a house or building complex is considered to be the most powerful direction in terms of ‘seniority’, ‘superiority’ and ‘stability’. According to Vastu tenets it is the primary (supreme) direction to ensure the dominating

power of the senior most person either in an organization or a family, by dint of which he / she can easily control the other junior staff or family members under him or her and can look after the entire business or family matters as per his / her choice. Hence, the senior most persons must be placed in this dominating direction.

In Vastu science the Nairutya corner or south-west direction is known as earth corner and is represented by ‘earth’ element. As mentioned in Vastu the ‘earth’ (Prithvi or Bhumi) is one of the five major elements (Pancha-Mahabhootas) which plays the prime role and bears all the responsibilities in terms of growth and development of the entire living beings on it. It is Scientific that the earth takes care of everything by fulfilling all the necessities in appropriate time in appropriate manner and also protects us at every moment from the negative energies by reflecting them through its magnetic field as well as its atmosphere. Its unending movement causes the changing environment which in turn results the comfortable lives of the different animate thing in different parts of it. After all, the earth is stable in all respects for our growth, development and comforts.

Moreover, from the general point of view the earth is the heaviest and highest among the five basic elements in terms of its weight and responsibility. Thus from all these points of view the Nairutya corner or south-west direction which is treated as the zone of earth element in Vastu, is appropriate for placing a senior most person of a family or organization who has to play the prime role in all respects. Hence, the senior most should be placed in south-west as the most dominating direction. At the same time it is also very important to place other junior staff or family members in the secondary direction like east, west, north, south and north-east by maintaining their positions to face towards north, east or north-east directions so that they always undergo the discipline implemented by the senior most one and their quality always remain in satisfactory level.

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