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The scientific and architectural basis of leaving an open area in the central part of a building vacant,light or open to sky was drafted for multiple purpose.

The scientific and architectural basis of leaving an open area in the central part of a building vacant,light or open to sky was drafted for multiple purpose.

It used to placed where health, integrity of the family , stability to the entire building structure get benefited scientifically and it helped to maintain a spiritual ambienece by way of placing tulsi (basil) plant in or near open central place


VERANDHAS & OTHERS : Verandahs and balconies are not allowed in south or west.It is better to build porticoes as cantilever structures. It is advisable to build porticoes without pillars. The highest point in the house should be in the southwest and the lowest point in the northeast. To place water tank in the southwest corner of the house is the best possible feature. The tank should not rest on the floor of the terrace. It should be resting on four pillars .The tank should alwaysbeclosed.
Flats or apartments are technically many houses built one over the other. Hence the basic concept of Vaastu is applicable to flats also. The southwest should be the highest point and northeast the lowest. It is recommended to place the blocks more towards the south or west .The overhead tank and the dish antenna should be in the south west .The lift should be in the south or west zone. Do not place the kitchen of one house adjacent to the bedroom of another. Bedrooms can be present only in southwest, northwest, west and south.

Family members meet together thus provide an open space to maintain open interpersonal and social bond essentially required for internal love and affection and togetherness among the family.

Dividing central space into four distinct points, away from the extreme centres , the building structure shall have rest on those four pillars standing in a square shape and thus make the structure earthquake resistant

The central space is used to work as a perfect and heavy duty exhaust and air circulatory system that was sufficient to move away the hot, impure or similar unhealthy gases.

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