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The main precautions to be taken care in the central area the Bramha Sthan:

The main precautions to be taken care in the central area the Bramha Sthan:


If people want to enjoy riches, harmony and happiness, Brahmasthan should be left open and  free of obstructing objects. In ancient time, it was common to construct a courtyard at the centre of house which was open to sky and to the rooms around courtyard.


Precautions to be taken care in the central area i.e. the  Brahmasthan:

Ø Toilets and Bathroom should not be built at the centre of the house.

Ø Kitchen at the center may have adverse effect on health. 

Ø Generally, in duplex houses staircases are built at center of house. It may affect mental and financial growth of the residents

Ø Sleeping at the centre place will mess up the life. 

Ø There should not be a beam at the center of house.

Ø Beams, arches, store room etc. should not be constructed at Brahmsthana.

Ø The pillar having a load of structure makes the centre heavy that’s a big Vastu defect.  

Ø Centre portion of plot can be used as courtyard and main hall can also be constructed here.

Ø Leave it open for relaxing or meditation.

Ø Store room, arches or other construction should be avoided in Brahmasthan.

Ø Have 33% open space if possible.

Ø Avoid flats / villas which have major vastu defects.

Ø Consult Vastu consultant before buying plot, flat / villas etc. 

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