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The directions of each family member‟s bed rooms according to Vastu-shastra.

The directions of each family members bed rooms according to Vastu-shastra.

The directions of each family members bed rooms should be as per the following Vastu norms:

[A] The bed room of the senior-most member who is the earner in a family and thus whose all-round stability and growth is very much essential for the harmony, peace and all-round progress of the entire family members should only be in the extreme South-West direction.

[B] The bed room for elder son should be placed in the South direction whereas the bed room for the younger son should be placed in the West direction.

[C] Any room located in the East and West direction is positive for study room and young children. The room in the East is also suited for puja, guest and religious rituals as per Vastu norms. On the other hand those persons who dont have time for pooja purpose in the morning hours and can only do this activity in the evening (sandhya) hours, then a small room in the middle of West can be used for puja purpose, but it should be avoided if possible.

[D] For a child member, school goer or marriageable daughter, the North-West direction is the best Vastu option for bed room. Moreover, this direction is also best suited for foyer, study room, guest room, meeting room, waiting room and drawing room as per Vastu tenets.

[E] The room placed in the North and North-East except the extreme North-East corner is positive and Vastu friendly for Gest, unmarried son or daughter, puja and library. The North-east direction is the best Vastu option for pooja room. This is also good for meditation, yoga, religious activities, reading and study. Moreover, this direction also Vastu- suited for drawing room and guest room as second best option. As per Vastu tenets the room in the North-East direction should never be used by married couple as their bed room.

[F] The extreme South-East room is best Vastu-suited for kitchen, generator room, gymnasium, T.V room, House Theater, massage room, storage room and exercise room. This is also can be used as guest room as the last option.

[G] The servants who live with family should be placed in the room located in the South-East or North-West direction but for the single servant who is neat and clean can be placed in any room near North-East.

[H] There should be no bed room in the Brahma-sthan. This place should be used for family lounge or lobby.

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