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The common number formation of “Mandala” in Vastu … let us define

The common number formation of “Mandala” in Vastu … let us  define

 “Mandala” (Vastu-Purush sub parts) are measured from east to west in the product of squares, for example 64 (8x8), 81 (9x9). Also, 45 Gods are said to occupy his body. The above picture shows a configuration of 81 squares as an example. The extent of each God differs depending on the layout and shape of the ground/plot, however, their relative positions remain the same. All these Gods rule various aspects of the life so the areas of a building should be in sync with the ruling God of that particular area to maintain the balance.

Vastu developed as a result of the need to build houses where human beings can live with comfort and remain safe/ healthy. The human beings studied and observed the environment and its impacts on his body and houses which mainly includes the five elements of the nature. Therefore, Vastu Shastra developed as a logical and systematic theory to build houses/buildings. For example, Vastu recommends the use of materials like grass, bamboos, natural fibers, wood for roofs which essentially eliminates the need of fans, air conditioners etc. Hence there was clearly the science behind the development of Vastu. The people in the world are being attracted towards Vastu nowadays. This is good to have positive vibes. It is better to get Vastu advice while making the house. We are experienced Vastu adviser with the logical mind-set. Today most of the people are making the houses & commercial sites as per Vastu Shastra & he is searching the best Vastu Consultants or top most Vastu consultant so that the benefits of Vastu Shastra may be enjoyed. The righ Vastu consultant always shows the right path. The world class Vastu guru- Dr. Anand Bhardwaj writes on the basic & technical aspects of Vastu Shastra consultancy services in India. Therefore get customised Vastu advice- no copy-paste and thus be accurate, be wise—select the best Vastu consultant. There are very minor cures for big Vastu Doshas.

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