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Take care… Very essential Vastu note: This is the situation of elements-unbalancing when the family harmony is at stake..

Take care… Very essential Vastu note: This is the situation of elements-unbalancing when the family harmony is at stake..The situation of elements-unbalancing is very aggressive when the family harmony is at stake. The reason is, since according to the ancient Indian science “Vastu Shastra” the whole creation is composed of five major elements like Earth, Water, Air, Fire and space so, there will be an ecological imbalance if there occurs a situation of element-unbalancing. It is because, on the basis of these major elements our different ecosystems run, where all the biotic and abiotic components are interdependent and interconnected. Moreover, each of these basic elements is arranged naturally in a definite ratio within a definite place or area to maintain our ecosystems. Thats why a proper balancing of these basic elements is very much essential for our wellbeing and existence. Since in our terrestrial ecosystem these five major elements are directly involved in our existence, so our bodies can easily response to any imbalance of these basic elements. Since imbalance implies missing or decrement of something, so when there occurs a situation of element-unbalancing then each missing element further tries to regain its own place which is already occupied by other element. Moreover, such interference of other element in ones

respective constituency causes an encounter that continues until the defeat of any one element and thus aggravates the situation which ultimately reflects in the temperament of living being in no time. On the other hand the defeated element further tries to explore its place elsewhere influencing and overpowering the living being in its region.

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