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scientific explanation of things Call us for Vastu remedies without breaking

scientific explanation of things

Call us for Vastu remedies without breaking

Vastu prefers, such as east and north-facing house is appreciable in vastu because in this direction first morning sunrays
are most cooling and comfortable, so morning is the ideal time to
receive the maximum sunrays. Sun rays have balanced quantum
ultraviolet rays which are required for our well being, besides our
body’s action reaction are depends on the some invisible natural
powers which are the layer by layer exists above the earth’s surface.
According to vastu and scientifically also north east (ishan) is
direction for the water element, because north east side is cool and
moderate, first morning sun rays comes in this direction which is
disinfected and positive for all purpose to human being, we should
appreciate the over head tank and under ground water storage tank due
to this direction water remains cool clean and bacteria free. Water
element should not be placed in south and south west side, because in
this side temperature gets too much hot and too much cold in 24 hours
therefore water shall get fungi and polluted and that is very harmful
for us. I got to know about stagnated water is inauspicious in vastu.
We can say not only in vastu but scientifically proved that still
water for long time is definitely unhygienic and harmful, as well as
if water stores in south and western part of house, it shall gets
infected and fungi because sharp sunrays in afternoon and down
temperature or cold at night conduct the bacteria and pollution. The
rain water harvesting be done in east and north or north east
direction, thus vastu says the slop of roof and floor for rain must be
from south west to north east. According to vastu water should be
always in movement, it shows the positivity like movement of life. I
got to know about the best direction of the kitchen. Vastu prefers the
kitchen should be in south east side, because earth moves from west to
east direction, during the different period of the day earth’s surface
get blessed of the sun, cause south east direction of every house
receives the most of soft and positive light and heat. In morning
sunrays till 11:00 o’clock the ultraviolet-1 and 2 is anti fungal and
anti bacterial cause of that quality food can remains preserved. In
southeast direction heat shall be balanced and soft which is positive
for foodstuff but excessive heat can spoil and pollute the food.
I found in this module about staircase should be in clockwise
rotation. According to vastu if staircase is in clock wise that is the
positive way for us, because as we know that we use the right hand
mostly in our routine work, so strength wise right hand is more
comfortable then left hand, if staircase is built clock wise railing
shall be at our right side, when we climbing up in the staircase we
feel comfortable but not get tired, in that case we get the positive
mood always, then that energy may create a positive vibration on

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Home scientific explanation of things Call us for Vastu remedies without breaking