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Role of five elements in our life: Dr. Anand Bhardwaj- The most famous Vastu Consultant

Role of five elements in our life:

Dr. Anand Bhardwaj- The most famous Vastu Consultant 

It is said that the body of humans is made up of the panch bhootha-Earth, Air, fire, Water and Space. Thus it is very important to maintain a balance in one’s life of these elements.

We are born from Erth and would ultimately be immersed into Earth after the period of our stay on Earth. The five elements however remain , changing from one  body form to another the five elements remain constant.

Therefore the importance of the Panch mahabootha cannot be undermined.

Vastu can be defind as living in harmony with the nature and trying to enhance ones spiritual, physical being by harnessing the positive energies that are available in nature in the form of the Panch mahabhooths and all other energies emanating from the rotational, gravitational and magnetic forces  effecting the Earth.


As vastu encompasses the environment, it is essential that we are able to protect the environment in which we live. We need to build structures that are eco friendly, breathing materials need to be used as much as posible in construction,water conservation needs to be of prime importance, pollution neds to be least . This would help in harnessing the positive energies from five elements. Flow of air in the house, position of structure vis-a vis the movement of sun need to be in tandem with the principal of least resistance that gives positive outcome.It is to be borne in mind that the basis of Vastu is the harmony that has to be in place with the cosmic vibrations that emanate from/on Earth due to its rotation, revolution , magnetic and gravitiational forces.

It is therefore prominent that if one is to live life as per the principles of Vastu, one has to take care of the environment.It would not be false to say that study of Vastu is study of eco-friendly living on earth.

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