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PERFECT VASTU FOR BOUNDARY WALL: Let Us Welcome New Year... Vastu Corrections Without Demolition, Vasrtu For Boundary Wall

“Prepare to Welcome “New Year”

By Identifying & Removing Dead Elements


Dried-up flowers, hangings tied-up on the main door on last  new year  “Happy New Year”, or “Happy Deepawali” or other scrap items like empty  mineral water bottles, plastic bottles of mustard oil vacated last month kept with great care with a view to bring in “ANY” use, old car / scooter tyres, empty pitchers kept on the roof top with upside down position, similar clay pots i.e. KARWA, used on each Karwa Chouths’ during last many years, broken folding bed, unrepairable steel chair, Tobu-cycle used by the dear on when he was 3-6 years, worn-up old brooms and so on are the junk items to which my dear clients think very difficult to remove because either few items from the above list carry the religious feelings or the scrap dealer (Kabari) does not pay the expected ‘handsome amount’. In rare cases the people are so busy that that they hardly get a spare time to look these ‘Dead-items’.


Before piling up these sort of junk items, wait & recollect as to how many of the past items have been used during 6 months. The answer shall be “hardly any”. I always advise my clients to do away such scrap items. Any empty container may be useless to us but it can be a valuable thing for your maid servant. The shoes in 10 or 20 pairs of unusable, less used or shorten to wear in size may be of no value to us but for a poor worker, it may be of great use to protect his feet from the biting cold weather. Try to win the good wishes from this section of the society. It may help reducing the after effects of our sins we had made in the past unknowingly or unconsciously.


Besides defining the co-relation amongst the five macro elements of nature, constituents of human body, their specific placements in an abode and impacts on mankind, positive and negative consequences of positioning, VAASTU also talks about cushioning the inmates manifold. Most of the time I experience that the moment I draw the attention of house or a business premises owner towards few anti-Vaastu aspects, the immediate reaction is that he himself had been noticing the general odd looking negativities since long, but never bothered to take action. Recently, I visited an all round troubled landlord’s premises in west Delhi who had renovated his house at a large scale about a couple of months back and was badly shaken to see the family affairs moving upside down, thus negativities swallowing the entire family’s harmony very quickly. Here the Ishaan direction was burdened with a lot of scrap & similar objects and the senior inmates were suffering from severe health problems arose suddenly. Secondly, since the chief of the family (the main elder & earning member) was shifted to the Air corner, the frequency of his movement was so much increased that he hardly has an hour time in a week for his family whereas he used to spare each evening and a complete day in a week earlier for the family affairs. The younger son had gone out of control since he stays in Nairutya corner i.e. the strongest direction located in South-west of the premises. Don was the name of their beloved dog who had started overpowering the children and female members as it was allotted the newly built area in between Nairutya and west direction on the roof top.    


Spidernets too spread the negative energy. They catch-up the dust & dirt, look uncomfortable and symbolise the lethargic & low profile way of living. The basic reason behind knitting a net by the spiders is to entangle & grip up the insects. If we find a place filled with the Spidernets, we feel bad. No one would like to be caught in such ugly looking corner. Therefore it is always advised in Vaastu to maintain the premises in such a way that it gives the cool, calm, energetic & soothing effect because we want that lord Ganesha, Kuber, Luxmi, Saraswati & other Gods/ Goddesses  should come to bless us. Shall they turn to us if we welcome them with the above cited inauspicious garlands?


Avoid keeping the brooms & wipers near main entrance. They are more negative if placed in East, North or ISHAAN direction, because these are the holiest directions from where the POSITIVITIES enter our premises. Similarly presence of a toilets in the entrance area is anti-Vaastu factor that may put barriers to health & wealth both. Always keep the doors of the toilets shut & properly cover the commode with the lid. Have a minute re-look at these factors so that no inauspicious factor may hinder your growth & development. Remove the entire scrap, unwanted empty bottles, jars, containers, old wood, broken glasses, dried-up plants and other unusable etc. The best way is to fix-up a certain date of each month which should be observed as a NO-SCRAP-DAY, on which each family member shall search his own belongings, table drawers, room & surroundings to ensure that no unwanted scrap item stays back in the premises. I think that such Vaastu overhauling may add more positive energies to our premises.


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