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It is said that the building that can receive the morning sunrays is called the most auspicious one because

It is said that the building that can receive the morning sunrays is called the most auspicious one because It is well known in the western culture that the morning sun is beneficial and the afternoon sun isn’t. Although people may not know the reason why, they have been told by doctors for the past years to avoid going to the beach or staying in the sun from 12:00pm to around 4:00pm, in order to prevent diseases such as skin cancer. And also we know that sunlight is probably the easiest way of absorbing vitamin D, so essential for our bones. Also, it has influence over the quality of the blood and cardiac functions. Which means that diseases related to these are greatly decreased by exposure to the right sun waves. This teaches about the importance of the location of water sources in the house or plot. It starts by defining the proper direction for them, North-East, and explaining the logical reasons behind this which are, here water can be protected from the strong, harmful afternoon sun, from quick evaporation and development of organisms in it that would make it unfit for human consumption. Besides, here it can harness the benefits of the morning sunrays to provide quality and health to this element. The way the sun purifies the water in this direction, and the way this water reflects on the household and inhabitants is the result of a proper length of ultraviolet waves that prove highly beneficial both for physical structures (our bodies and houses) and energy flow. This learning also lets us know the importance of a proper alignment for the house or plot, also based in scientific and logical reasons. We should favor an East-West alignment (Surya-bedhi), not only because it will allow us to more easily receive the beneficial morning rays and avoid the afternoon sun. So as not to remain any doubts, it gives us the many health benefits of the soft ultraviolet rays we receive in the morning, which is why morning sun exposure is advised for therapeutic reasons.

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