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Is Vastu the only cause behind the progress or stagnation of a person or there are other factors also responsible… no.. Here is critic on this.

Is Vastu the only cause behind the progress or stagnation of a person or there are other factors also responsible… no.. Here is critic on this.

Even though we know that Vastu plays a significant role one’s personal and professional life, we absolutely cannot claim that Vastu is the only cause responsible for one’s growth or stagnation. There can be several other factors which are responsible for one’s overall progression and development as listed below:

*     Product quality

*     Customer service and satisfaction

*     Honest and responsible staff and employees

*     Business strategies and techniques

*     Personal attitude

Sometimes we get to know about some people whose businesses flourish in a particular premise and when they eventually tend to move to a bigger or a different facility in order to grow further, their downfall starts. Similarly, we come across some families that were doing pretty well in their previous house and they started facing different troubles after moving into a new house. In such instances, there are quite a lot of chances that Vastu is playing a role in the new building. There can be several Vastu related factors, such as building layout, facing direction, sitting position, placement of different objects, toilet, stairs, interior etc.

Therefore, Vastu can be a potential cause behind such patterns of progression or downfall even though it may not be the only reason.

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