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How ultraviolet & infrared rays affect the human body- This is very interesting Vastu factor- Let us discuss:

How ultraviolet & infrared rays affect the human body- This is very interesting Vastu factor- Let us discuss:

The Sun is a major source of Ultraviolet rays and Infrared rays. The maximum portion of the electromagnetic spectrum is occupied by ultraviolet rays, visible light and infrared rays (known as heat). The UV spectrum begins where the visible spectrum ends and covers the wavelength from 400nm down to 100nm. The UV spectrum is further subdivided into three different spectrums like UV-A (400nm-320nm), UV-B (320nm-290nm) and UV-C (290nm-100nm). The Ultraviolet rays are more energetic than visible light and infrared rays. Especially the UV rays with shorter wavelengths have more energy enough to rip the electrons away from their atoms and thus they ionize the electrons and damage the molecules. The energy levels of electrons in the Ozone molecules match the ultraviolet spectrum and that’s why at the Ozone layer more than 99% of the most energetic and dangerous UV-C, almost 90% of UV-B and about 50% of UV-A rays are absorbed by the Ozone molecules and considerably a small amount of only UV-B and UV-A rays are able to reach the Earth surface. But this small amount of UV-B and UV-A rays may be beneficial or detrimental to our health depending on the exposer to sunrays. The UV-A is responsible for sunburn in human being. Overexposure to it causes damage to the cells of human body and also may cause skin cancer. The UV-B stimulates our body to produce vitamin D. On the other hand the UV ray also keeps our body free from disease by killing the harmful micro-organisms. The artificially produced UV rays are used in hospitals to sterilize the surgical instruments, water and air in operation theaters. Many food and drug companies use UV lamps to disinfect the various food products and containers. Again, the Sun radiates half of its total energy as Infrared rays which are felt as heat and are not distinguished by human with naked eyes. Their behavior in respect of reflection and refraction resembles to the visible light. These infrared rays range from 400nm-800nm below the visible spectrum. Unlike UV rays the Infrared rays are considerably less harmful except its hot sensation. All objects that are not at absolute zero emit Infrared radiation or heat. Of course the intensity of this radiation emitted by an object depends upon the material that it is made of. The metallic objects, building materials etc. emits more Infrared rays in relation to its temperature. The Infrared rays are helpful in various cases of human life. Infrared rays are essential for the warmth of the Earth’s surface. On the other hand they also kill the bacteria which are harmful to us. The artificially produced infrared rays are used by the photographers to take pictures in the absence of visible light. Doctors use artificial infrared for the treatment of skin diseases and sore muscles by passing them through the patients skin which produces heat when it strikes the affected painful area. The world class Vastu guru- Dr. Anand Bhardwaj writes on the basic & technical aspects of Vastu Shastra consultancy services in India. Therefore get customised Vastu advice- no copy-paste and thus be accurate, be wise—select the best Vastu consultant. The real Vastu believers get true Vastu advice from the most prominent Vastu adviser because a superlative Vastu consultation is only possible from the superior Vastu guide. You may also call us for Vastu remedies without breaking & get world class Vastu advice for the best results. If one needs the best Vastu advice for the best outcome then take honest Vastu advice from the world’s leader in Vastu Dr. Bhardwaj- the most famous Vastu consultant. Thanks

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