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Here is the Comparison : Vastu merits and demerits when kitchen is located in south-east and shifted to other directions not appreciated in Vastu.

Here is the Comparison : Vastu merits and demerits when kitchen is located in south-east and shifted to other directions not appreciated in Vastu.

The Vastu merits and demerits of placing the kitchen in south-east direction are:

[1] As per Vastu south-east is the direction of ‘Fire’ element. Vastu science says all the fire or heat related activities should be performed in the south-east direction. Since the activities in a kitchen are related to fire or heat so, as per Vastu it is the best option to place the kitchen in this direction of ‘Fire’ element.

[2] The ‘Fire’ element refers to the light and heat energy of the sun. The electromagnetic radiations of the sun put their affects differently on everything present on the earth’s surface. On the other hand south-east is the junction of east and south directions of a premise which gets blessed with the balanced quantum of UV and Infrared rays coming from the sun. Scientifically, this balanced quantum of UV rays act as germicide and the Infrared rays produce moderate heat suitable for the kitchen. Hence, placing the kitchen in the south-east direction there will remain a suitable and energetic atmosphere which is very much essential in terms of the health of the cook and other family members.

[3] The earth rotates from west to east on its imaginary vertical axis and completes one spin in 24hrs. On the other hand, due to India’s geographic situation as well as effect of the earth’s Coriolis force, wind blows mostly from west to east in India throughout the year. As per Vastu principles the cook in the kitchen is to face east while cooking. Therefore, if the kitchen is placed in the south-east corner provided that there remains an exhaust system close to the fireplace then most of

the harmful smoke and oily fumes will pass through the kitchen without touching and affecting the eyes, nose skin, hair of the cook. Hence, placing the kitchen in south-east the health of the cook can be maintained.

Instead, if the kitchen is placed or shifted to a negative or non-Vastu friendly location then it will adversely affect the kitchen environment as well as the health of the cook and ultimately bring the monetary loss to the family. Vastu science strongly forbids placing the kitchen in the north-east, north, south-west and Brahma-Sthaan because it will bring the health and monetary problem to the entire family. As per Vastu the north-east corner is the holy and Godly place within a plot or house. According to Vastu science all the positive cosmic energies enter in a house from the north, east and north-east directions and that’s why if the kitchen is placed in this directions then the entire premise will get disturbed by the harmful smoke and oily fumes instead of getting the benefits of positive cosmic energies. Thus there will be an adverse effect in terms of the health of the entire family members and ultimately hamper the monetary growth in the family. Likewise, the central area or the Brahma-Sthaan of a premise is the most sensitive area in which Vastu forbids placing any heavy load for the sake of wellbeing of the inmates. On the other hand south-west is the negative direction from where the negative energies enter in a house as per Vastu Shastra. Moreover, the violent sun rays from the mid-day to afternoon hours will make the kitchen of this south-west direction extremely hot which may ruin the health of the cook. Thus,

these are the demerits when the kitchen is shifted to other directions not appreciated in Vastu.

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