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focuses on the scientific logic behind vastu . The basic idea

focuses on the scientific logic behind vastu . The basic idea

behind vastu are many natural phenomenon of the earth . It is backed by

use of many cosmic energies as well as the forces exerted by earth . Earth

was formed due to escape of few part from the speedily rotating sun billion

years back . Eventually the piece started cooling down and had the

favourable environmental conditions which gave birth to the man . But man

with his ever increasing needs is exploiting environment and creating

sphere of waves and unnatural vibrations around him .

Gravitational energy , solar energy and also the climate of earth are

important phenomenons on which vastu is based . Everything including

earth is made up of small elements called atom , which contains electrons ,

protons and neutrons . Atoms are characterized by the structure of the

protons and neutrons . Electrons move around nucleus in continuous

motion which is governed by energy , the ultimate energy which we know

as God . According to vaastu all the major auspicious energies flow from

north to south and east to west , thus the positive energies can be gained

from north east direction.

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