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Fire & water” are the basic elements needed for energizing human being”

“Fire & water” are the basic elements needed for energizing human being” 

Fire contains heat related energy. Without light and heat life would be extinct. Sun is the major source of energy and is the soul of the universe. More than 90% of the energy of the upper layer of earth comes from the sun.  Formation of day and night, change in seasons is brought about by the movement of the sun (fire) in relation to the movement of the earth.  It is difficult to imagine life without fire element.


Early morning rays of the sun, the ultraviolet rays normalize the metabolism of our bodies. The sun light has rays which consists of colours, every one loves to see a rainbow, these colours are not only good to look at, but they have healing properties, the lighter shades have soothing effect on human life.  We require heat to cook food, heat in the form of fire is very important to human life.


Water is another basic element to energize human beings. Human bodies are made up of water.  Water is quantitatively the largest of the five elements as more than 80% of our body and two-third of earth’s surface is water.  It is linked to our senses of taste, touch, sight and hearing. Water comprises of Rain, lakes, ponds, river, seas and oceans.  Water is required for cultivation on which human life depends.  Water has soothing effect to the skin, eyes.  Even watching a mere water fall relaxes  and energizes our mind and body. Be Accurate, Be Wise—Select the Best Vastu Professional and Dr. Bhardwaj- The Most Famous Vastu Professional so Get Excellent Vastu Advice From The Excellent Vastu Professional- Dr. Anand then Best People Always Choose The Best Vastu Professional. The presence of water all around the earth helps us to remain in a cool environment but due to disturbance created in the natural balance causes increase in temperature which is bad for our health.

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Home Fire & water” are the basic elements needed for energizing human being”