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Few examples closely associated with Vastu in olden days: V

Few examples closely associated with Vastu in olden days: 

Vastu an ancient science was practiced and well recognized since the olden days.  Houses, temples and other structures were made on the basis of vastu principles.  Most of the olden houses and dwellings were east facing even today east facing dwellings are preferred over others.  Even primitive men were aware that a east facing house receiving the first morning sunrays were good for human race.

 In the olden times there were not only people who practiced the vastu culture but there were also expert in this field.  Constructions were carried out on their expert advice. 

 Hints of Vastu Shastra are found in the Ramayan and The Mahabharat.   Houses in Ayodhya, streets, roads, temples, water bodies etc were built as per Vastu Shastra.  Nala, son of Vishwakarma was a great Vastu expert. In Mahabharat the Pandavas built Indraprashta City for the Yagya.  The Gurus, Sages have laid down several principles for constructing buildings taking advantages of the nature’s positive vibrations.  These principles evolved over thousands of years out of experience and foresightedness of ancient Rishies and Munies of Indies. Here We Are To Provide The Best In Class Vastu Advice. Best People Always Choose The Best Vastu Consultant for Looking For The Best Vastu Consultant? Call Me. Dr. Anand Bhardwaj-The World’s Highest Qualified Vastu Consultant by Dr. Bhardwaj- The World’s Most Experienced Vastu Consultant. The Dharam-granthas of Indian culture prove that our Gurus, Saints and other spiritual great people were  research oriented and practiced Vastu Shastra. So all these examples prove that Vastu Shastra is not a new concept but it existed from time in memoriam.

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