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FENGSHUI TIPS: Call us for Vastu remedies without breaking: Free Fengshui Tips


Call us for Vastu remedies without breaking

The married couple should have their bedroom in a room located in south-west direction. It enhances the stability & interpersonal attachment.

·       There should be no door or window behind one’s back while sitting in office or studying, lest there can be some deceit, leg pulling or back-biting by seniors, juniors or other co-workers.

·       There should be no mirror in front of a bed of a couple because such situation may create the disturbance in the married life, or even intrusion of any third person in the intimate relations, thus it may cause loosening or breakage of love-knot of husband -wife.

·       A small statue of ‘Laughing Buddha’ should be kept in or near entrance lobby or drawing room door in such a way that everyone entering into the house or our office could see to it. It enhances the appreciation from our customers, relatives & friends,

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Call us for Vastu remedies without breaking 

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