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Difference between the Surya bedhi and Chandra bedhi? Call us for Vastu remedies without breaking

Difference between the Surya bedhi and Chandra bedhi?

Call us for Vastu remedies without breaking

The Surya bedhi alignment is along the east west direction and Chandra
bedhi alignment is north south direction. According to vastu shashtra
surya bedhi alignment is auspicious than Chandra bedhi. From vedic era
and old time most of the premises were to be surya bedhi alignment
with the east and west direction, because this alignment is good and
beneficial for people. First of all aligning to east and west, the
premises can receive the important morning sun rays, as long as wind,
because the flow of wind is in east west directions so in this
direction facing houses can receive the natural air, but if aligning
(Chandra bedhi) with south and north direction, all benefits of
morning sun rays shall have only in the afternoon time as well as big
road and street shall be aligned with in this direction which receive
very small amount of sun rays but only in noon time. Chandra bedhi or
with north south alignment of roads and streets run to collect and
gather the dust and dry leaves etc. because in this area the wind can
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