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Climate of entire earth is not the same.There are reasons For example.

Climate of entire earth is not the same.There are reasons

For example.

The average temperature at a given point on the Earth's surface is not constant

all year due to the changing seasons.

There are three reasons for this phenomenon:

• The revolution of the Earth around the Sun

• The planet's round shape, and the inclination of its axis of daily rotation,&,

• The axis of the poles, in relation to the plane of its orbit around the Sun.

The Earth revolves around the Sun in an elliptical orbit contained within a plane

called the ecliptic plane. Because its orbit is only slightly off-center, our planet

moves in a nearly circular path. The Earth makes one complete rotation around

the Sun in one year.

Because the Earth is round, the Sun's rays are perpendicular to its surface at the

Equator, and increasingly oblique as they got closer to the poles.

This means that for a given quantity of solar energy reaching the ground, the

heated surface will be smaller at the Equator than at the poles. The Equator

therefore receives more energy per surface unit than the poles.In addition, the

closer one gets to the poles, the greater distance the Sun's rays must travel

through the atmosphere, losing energy along the way.

As a result, the Equator receives twice as much solar energy than a location at

60 degrees latitude.

However, the phenomenon of the seasons, is solely due to the fact that the axis

of the poles is not perpendicular to the ecliptic plane. In other words, the Earth's

equatorial plane is not congruent with the ecliptic plane. There is an angle, or

obliquity, of 23.5 degrees between them.

If this angle were zero, at any given latitude, for example in Paris, the quantity of

solar energy received would be the same in December as in June, and there

would be no difference in temperature between winter and summer.The quantity

of solar energy received is lower resulting in cold winter weather.On the other

hand, in June the Sun's rays reach at the same latitude at much more

perpendicular angle. The quantity of energy received is higher. It's summer.


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Home Climate of entire earth is not the same.There are reasons For example.