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BE POSITIVE--- THINK POSITIVE- Get positive & give posityive—This is the basic funda of Vastu Shastra

BE POSITIVE--- THINK POSITIVE- Get positive & give posityive—This is the basic funda of Vastu Shastra

In my personal experience, it is good to have both ups and downs as it makes people more sensible and modest. It teaches people love, affection, respect, satisfaction and contentment. I don’t intend to generalize it though since it can totally vary case by case.

I have come across many people who have the tendency of complaining all the time. Even if things are reasonably good, they tend to find something negative about it and spread the negativity among other people as well. In such cases, I observed that they totally ignore the bigger picture and get stuck with small things. Such people are usually self-centered, judgmental and tend to impose their thought process on everyone. There are also some people who have strong belief system and are very particular about following rituals etc. However, they deviate from the practical situations sometimes and end up causing inconvenience to other people. Due to all this resistance, people get distanced and become insensitive to each other.

Practically, every human being is different and acquires various different qualities from his/her own life experiences. Some people rise above and beyond and provide support to other people whereas some people get bitter and envious as the result. This is where personal Vastu becomes extremely important. As much as the building’s Vastu can provide the support and create an ambience to boost positivity around human beings, it is up to human beings to maintain the balance between both personal and building’s Vastu in order to achieve the ultimate contentment, satisfaction and happiness. Anyone may contact Dr. Anand Bhardwaj after fixing the date & time. Vastu is a science hence each Vastu tenet may be defined with the help of science. There are a lot of instruments & sensors to check the vibrations. This ability is with only the seniors & seasoned Vastu consultants who are professionally qualified & have perfection on their subject. Sometimes things look to be costly but in long run it is excellent. Always choose the best consultant. Choosing the best consultant is an unmatchable ability. The learned & intellect Vastu consultant like Dr Anand Bhardwaj is always open to address your queries. Vastu Shastra is becoming very popular now a days & so is the awareness about Vastu. Similarly people are looking for the best vastu consultants in Delhi & Delhi NCR like best Vastu consultants in Ghaziabad, Best Vastu experts in Gurgaon & best Vastu experts & consultants in Noida. Even in Faridabad too people are searching the top most Vastu experts in the city. We have multi-faceted approach to Vastu remedies. Your all consultants should be highest qualified. The Vastu expert & Best Vastu experts: Dr. Anand Bhardwaj, the world famous Vastu consultant & Vastu expert also expertise in Vastu corrections without demolition.

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