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All the precautions to be taken in a Vastu-positive bed room.

All the precautions to be taken in a Vastu-positive bed room.

In addition to the direction and placement of a bedroom, it is crucial to pay attention to the interior of a bedroom in order to align it with micro Vastu. However, below are some precautions which one must keep in mind while deciding on the interior.

*     The most important aspect of a bedroom is to correctly place the bed such that the sleeping person’s head is in proper direction which enhances the quality of the sleep. One must avoid keeping head in N direction whereas S is considered the best direction. If that’s not possible, E can be the second option followed by W as the last option. IMPORTANT: This is true in northern hemisphere only. For southern hemisphere, one should avoid keeping the head in S direction. As mentioned in previous levels, the body’ pole (head is considered N) should not be repelled by earth’s pole while sleeping. Therefore, in northern hemisphere, one should keep body’s N pole towards S direction and vice versa.

*     The color theme of a bedroom should be in accordance with Vastu as well. Ideally, the use of pastel colors is always recommended due to their soothing nature as opposed to dark colors which can increase anxiety, lethargy and depression. Below is the chart for recommended colors in each direction.


Note: The ceiling should always be painted in white color.

*     Ideally, the color theme of curtains should also be picked as per the direction that can easily match the interior also. However, one should never pick curtains with abstract designs or wild paintings such as roaring tiger, lion, snake, crocodiles etc. In addition, one must use heavy curtains along S and W walls only. The sheer cloth or light fabric is suitable for E and N walls.

*     There are various types of items and paintings one could use to decorate the bedroom as per person’s taste. For example, a showpiece of love birds can be kept in master bedroom which is appropriate for couples. However, one must ensure to keep all these items clean and in perfect condition. They should never be dirty or damaged. Similarly, the use of paintings that show pain and ugly looking antiques should be avoided as well.

*     One must never hang a mirror on the bedroom such that the sleeping couple/person is visible in the mirror while sleeping.

*     The solid wall is preferred on the back side while sleeping. One can also hang some grand poster of mountains on this wall in order to boost the stability. However, if a window is built on this wall, it is recommended to cover it with heavy curtains. One can also close this window with wooden board if it is not in use at all.

*     The bedroom should never be cluttered and proper day light/ air circulation is required to maintain the good health and healthy bedroom.

*     One must avoid keeping any office or work related documents in the bedroom. If it cannot be avoided, then they should not be visible in the bedroom at the minimum.

*     It is very popular to have a TV screen fixed in the bedroom, however, Vastu doesn’t recommend it at all as it can make the person total restless.

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