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Air Element in Vastu The best advice for the best outcome

Air Element in Vastu

The best advice for the best outcome



Yes, wind and air is slightly different. The difference is in the direction of their movements. Although, there is both horizontal and vertical motion of air, we call the air as wind, when it has a horizontal motion. It is stronger and faster moving and can be more accurately measured on all level, near the ground and at upper levels. What causes the wind? The nature of the movement of air, which has a tendency to flow from the air-surplus region towards the air-deficit region, just like any fluid does. And this kind of movement causes and produce the wind. The main topic is vastu for home or vastu for house which is slightly different from vastu for office or vaastu for office. In case of looking at a land, vastu for plot is essential whereas vastu for flat has many limitations like flat vastu. If we are building a house then vastu for construction is as important as vastu for interior. When we visit a shop for Vastu then vastu for shop is seen. We are running vastu courses or vastu shastra courses through online vastu courses method which is very effective for online vastu shastra courses. We also deal in numerology and explain how numerology number 8, numerology number 4 etc are sensitive for numerology compatibility. I worked as  numerology consultant in Gurgaon & numerology consultant in delh. I have also dealt with numerology consultant in Faridabad like ever. People know me in Noida also as numerology consultant in Noida. I also work as numerology consultant in greater Noida. Any numerology consultant or numerologists in delhi and numerologist india are good to consult. Each numerologist in delhi and all indian numerologist work like the best numerologist delhi. In fact every numerologist in india and numerologists in india. Today is difficult to find the best numerologist in delhi. We also deal in crysto pyra and egyptian greys pyramids or milky crystal pyramids are used to cure. Air is the most essential element for life. Air indicate and triggers the movement of all things. In Vastu, the Vayavya corner, the North-West is the place of the Air element. The reason behind it is that the prevailing air-motions (winds) are blowing from the western direction, also that this is the conjunction point of the hottest and coolest directions, which also contribute to the air movement from the cooler, high air-pressure area towards the hotter, low air-pressure area. The srongest point is the extreme corner of it, but the Vayavya corner is extended from the middle of north to the middle of west. We should place everything here that we would like to see in movement, like persons, items, materials, anything.


The best use of the Vayavya corner is: if we place a 1. foyer there, an area where we don’t want to stay for long, or where we welcome guests and offer them seat. A 2. Reception is also good in this area. 3. It is good for guest room or a resting room, they are not for long staying. 4. It is gerat for a garage, as any vehicle represents movement. 5. It is good for children’s room, especially because we want children to be active, go to social events, attend classes and looking for good jobs, or just because children should wake up early and be active going to school. 6. It is a very good place for a girl who wants to get married and move to his fiancé’s place. 

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Home Air Element in Vastu The best advice for the best outcome