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These directions denote quality & quantity. We can get benefit from these directions in a commercial premise.

 These directions denote quality & quantity. We can get benefit from these directions in a commercial premise.

 The east direction denotes quality and the north direction denotes quantity.

In a commercial premise like shopping complex, factory, industry etc. the commercial benefit mainly depends upon the quality and quantity of product. Moreover, it is also important to maintain the quality and quantity simultaneously. Lagging or leading of anyone of these two vital components will definitely prove the loss in business. To get rid of the losses and to get the graphically upward benefit we have to follow the guidelines for placing all the staff members in a hierarchy at their right places facing towards the positive and gainful directions like north, east or north-east directions. Vastu shastra says that after placing all the senior managerial staff at their right places in right directions it will be the best way to improve the quality of product by placing all the workers concerned with Quality control or Quality Assurance department. Likewise all the staff

members related to manufacture or production should be place in the north direction to increase the productivity simultaneously. This way the quality and quantity of production can be run parallel. Moreover, the staffs working for shop floor should be placed facing the positive direction of east or north or north-east. Thus, by maintaining all the Vastu guidelines we can get the benefit from these directions in a commercial premise.

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