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“Receptivity & response differs person to person, place to place & situation to situation”. ….. Lets discuss...

“Receptivity & response differs person to person, place to place & situation to situation”. ….. Lets discuss...

As we studied in previous modules, Vastu is an occult science and hence Vastu cures or remedies are of occult nature. Therefore, there is no standard scale to measure impacts of the Vastu remedies. Depending on various factors, each human being can experience these remedies in a different way. Below are some factors that play a hidden role in determining the impact of Vastu remedies for each person and place:

*     Receptivity of a person

*     Resistance in a person

*     Quality of negative energies

*     Quantity of negative energies

These above listed factors vary for every person, site, family and situation. For instance, one person can experience effects of a Vastu cure much sooner than another person whose receptivity level is less and resistance is high. Consequently, it is crucial to keep in mind that one shouldn’t treat Vastu cures as magic. A Vastu consultant should try to provide the best possible remedy depending on a given situation and avoid using terms, such as “Miracle”, “Wonder” etc. After employing a Vastu cure, one should wait for some time to experience its impact.

Note: Sometimes it might be hard to please a client if his/her expectations don’t match with the result provided by a Vastu cure. It can typically happen when a client has some unreasonable expectations from Vastu cures and anticipates extreme results.

You may also call us for Vastu remedies without breaking & get world class Vastu advice for the best results. The happy life also depends upon many factors. If one needs the best Vastu advice for the best outcome then take honest Vastu advice from the world’s leader in Vastu Dr. Bhardwaj- the most famous Vastu consultant? When it comes to the outcome, always the best Vastu consultant can access the positive & negative energies inside the premises. As a client every one may ask his Vastu consultant to define its authenticity. If one is quality conscious, he will never compromise on hiring the best Vastu expert. Anyone may contact Dr. Anand Bhardwaj after fixing the date & time. Vastu is a science hence each Vastu tenet may be defined with the help of science. There are a lot of instruments & sensors to check the vibrations. This ability is with only the seniors & seasoned Vastu consultants who are professionally qualified & have perfection on their subject. Sometimes things look to be costly but in long run it is excellent. Always choose the best consultant. Choosing the best consultant is an unmatchable ability. Sometimes we think that the negative Vastu is damaging our comfort from inside the house BUT ironically many times the negative energy may be hitting our premises from outside. The learned & intellect Vastu consultant like Dr Anand Bhardwaj is always open to address your queries.

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Home “Receptivity & response differs person to person, place to place & situation to situation”. ….. Lets discuss...